TR Running Thread 2023

A continuation of the 2019 and 2020 and 2021 and 2022 threads.

This is a thread for TR user’s who like to run as well.

Training questions? Race goals? Race reports? Let’s hear them

Race Results

Name Month Race Distance Goal Time
adnega 1 Fred Lebow Half 21km 1:30:05
5 Brooklyn 21km 1:24:53
10 Staten Island 21km 1:24:16
11 NYC 42km 3:11:xx
Bbt67 4 Manchester 42km 3:25:00 DNS
Joelrivera 2 Florida 42km 3:15:00 3:13:xx
Kickrlin 4 台北科技盃 5km Finish 23:44
10 Eva Air 21km 1:36:42
12 Taipei Marathon (Half) 21km 1:30:00 1:30:51
MAGNUStm 4 Local 21km 1:20:45
7 Beer Mile WC 1mi 6:06
10 Waco 70.3 21km 1:30:00 1:26:04
11 NYC 42km 3:00:00 2:56:58
mhandwerk 4 Boston 42km 3:11:xx
RJ66LVOB 2 Cowtown 21km
RoberttSims 10 Bath 21km 1:24:31

Let’s kick it off!
Not a great runner here but after years of doing it here and there, since i do tri, i’m starting to enjoy it more and also getting less injured HA!

For 2023 i have
HM in april where i want to PR (looking for sub-2, i’m not fast)
10k at the end of an oly tri in june (looking to get sub-1)
HM at the end of my Half-iron race in july (A race, hoping to get same-ish time as april HM if that’s even possible)
25k on trail in November (no clue what to expect)

I kinda want to add another HM in sept-oct but we’ll see how i feel after my first April one, goal would be to further lower my time on the HM
Probably the most running i’ve done in a year was last year at 570ish kilometers (up from a previous 120 kmmax in 2018) so i want to pump these numbers this year!
Trying to do the barryP approach for my base (until april) add a few weeks with some race pace intervals in april and call it a day. I’ll stay away from speedwork until possibly a 2nd HM in september where i’ll have “nothing to lose”

Also i’ve never really done any serious trail running, just some training for some spartan races/tough mudders here or there quite a few years ago so i’m curious to see how it goes :slight_smile:


I lost 2022 due a broken femur in Nov 2021. As of this month, Jan 2023, I am trying to slowly get back to running. Right now, that consists of 3d/week hobby jogging w/walking and/or cycling the rest of the week. The right hip and leg is still weaker than the left. So I’m working on fixing that as well.

I have a company 5k event in April. I’m not expecting any PR. I just want to be able to go have fun and finish w/out thinking about my every step.

Goal for 2023 is to be able to get back to ~85min 21km in the fall/winter racing season. I don’t know if it’s possible, but that’s what I’m working towards. AND if everything works out this year, I would love to run the 2023 Taipei Marathon in December.

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Brutal. Rebuilding from those imbalances is pretty hard. When i tore my achilles i’d say it took at least a year before i was able to do something simple like skip rope (which i used to do all the time). Single leg jumps too even longer.
I still have some imbalances to this day because i haven’t kept up the exercises from back then (it’s been 6 years!) so just a reminder that even hwen you don’t have to “think about it” you still want to actively keep a regimen of some sort.

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Training for a marathon right now. Not sure if I will run one or not… I might just run 26 miles with friends around where I live as a “race” and called it a day… I see this more of a stepping stone for a quick 70.3 run. Goal is to run < 1:30 off the bike. Last year I did 1:40 on NC. I think i can make it, I just need more running so I hope helps.
Tomorrow I’ll do 18 miles (with 3x3 at GMP) which is the longest run since the pandemic. Last very long run (26 miles) was the 2020 virtual boston marathon (I did it in Sep 2020 and took me 4 hours to finish)


When you hit that 2hr HM goal, the 1hr Oly run should be easily doable. Rule of thumb is Oly pace is roughly Open HM pace.

Be careful here. Running a PR HM in a 70.3 is big ask (especially only 3 months out from a previous PR). Again rules of thumb, but a well paced 70.3 results in a run that’s 5-10 minutes slower than an open 13.1. Going out at HM PR pace is a recipe for a LONG day of run-walking. Use that April HM pace as something to use in pacing, but please don’t try to run at that pace in your 70.3.

I’m a HUGE fan of the BarryP mentality of frequency over mileage and then mileage over pace. I really like your idea of keeping is slow and easy and then mixing in some race pace work to see how it’ll feel on race day.


Adding to this. Moderate pace runs and more volume are, IMO, the most useful types of runs.
Most miles should be easy, but a day where you run at a faster controlled a bit faster than easy (where your HR is right between very high z2 and and very low z3 )are VERY productive.


Yeah i hear (PR HM pace) - 10% is what i should aim for my 70.3
We’ll see how it goes in April… also planning on continuing some of the weight loss if thats even possible so who knows, sky is the limit

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And me on ‘13 weeks to go’ week… 4-5 weeks in. Last two weeks have been 63 and 65 miles, I’ll top out at not much more than this.
Last year my highest weeks were two at 62 miles, so a bit more volume this time around, last year I was managing niggles.
I run everyday until 6 - 8 weeks before the Marathon when I start having a day totally off running because I add more MP and speed work before a three week taper.

De-load / recovery week next week.

Doing Manchester Full 16th April 23


Just continuing to plug in running when I’m not feeling the bike. Lunch runs are so much easier to pull off than lunch rides - and lunch rides have to be on the road bike, and I’m allergic to that now, so running it is! I want to balance running, strength training, and riding a little more gracefully this year. I want to get to pain-free running, and I am adding some PT to my routine to keep things a little happier. I don’t have any set goals for this, just general health and mental health

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Running season is still a ways off here as we’re in the full swing of summer, so I’m keeping things pretty light/unstructured at the moment, but still predominantly run-focused. (Not least because life is pretty crazy now and running is way easier on the logistics side of things)
Goals for 2023 are a 17:30 5k which should put me at the pointy end of our local women’s field. Hopefully this will translate to some gains in longer road events where I suspect I’m more competitive anyway, but I’ll see where I’m at in a couple of months. Lost entirely too much weight due to some recent health issues and I’m not physically in a position to handle big training loads at the moment, so immediate goals are to sort that out and build some strength back up in the gym.


Goal Race
Boston Marathon in April

Not expecting to PR at all - just wanna enjoy the experience.

How training is going
I stepped on a pine cone and sprained my ankle in a pre-dawn run. Took 2 weeks off and then my second run back stepped awkwardly on some ice and re-sprained it and had to take 2 more weeks off. So basically lost a whole month of building up mileage. Oh, and child #2 arrived (:tada:) so I’m just tired all the time

Training Plan
Post marathon my plan is to put a focus on the bike since I’ve got some bike goals I wanna do by the end of the summer. So while I pretty much dropped all cycling during my last marathon training plan, I’m trying to integrate it on this one. Running 5x a week (“BarryP-ish” - 1 long, 2 medium, 2 short) all at zone 2. For riding I’ve been doing the Low Volume Traditional base (currently on part 2)


@Joelrivera @PhilippePhlop @ibaldwin @toribath @Bbt67 @matthewgreer @mhandwerk
I added a results table to the top post of the topic. If you’re registered for a race and want to add it to the table, let me know.

@mhandwerk I’d take a tweaked ankle vs another child. 2wks recovery vs years if not a lifetime :joy: FYI, I have twin 4yr olds :crazy_face:


Spoiler alert, you’ll never recover from this. Financially and physically :joy::joy::joy:

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Any advice on setting thresholds/baselines for running?

I’ve just done a Garmin Threshold Test and I’m not confident in the results. All seems too easy:

Garmin threshold test with the HRM Dual this morning gave me 5:31/km 161bpm

I raced in October (two weeks after IM Portugal) an 8km cross country in trail shoes, walked for 1 min uphill. That was 42:29 gaining 167.6m at 5:19/km and 167bpm and I gave my soul to that.

So I’m thinking my threshold pace and HR are both higher than Garmin is estimating?

The first part of the year will be predominately cycling focus with at least two run races as of today.

  • HM in April - local HM. DIdnt really want to ‘race’ so early in 2023 but was given a free entry. Still trying to figure out how to approach this while mostly cycling.
  • New York Marathon - not going for a PB but would like to go sub 3.
  • Waco 70.3 - goal is top 5 in AG and a sub 1:30 HM

Thats all on the calendar for now.


I don’t like using Garmin’s calculations and always end up entering my own threshold HR. I either do a 30 minute all out effort and use the average of the last 20 minutes. Or I use a race and take the average of the last 2/3-ish of the race


Okay, from that October race I avg 168 for the last thirty minutes and 166 for the last twenty. So that indicates my LTHR should be more like 166-168?

Yup, that’s what I’d use

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Early season goal is a half marathon PR in March 1:34 or faster. After that it is time to build stamina and mental toughness as I prep for Eagleman and IM Maryland.