TR 2020 Running Thread

Hi all, a continuation of the 2019 thread:

I’m running the Brighton Marathon in April, hoping for sub 4h, training for 3:53 under the Run Less Run Faster program. 1st week was this week and I just got back from my second key run, 3x1600m and followed it up with a weights session.

Any other TR users got running goals in 2020?


Nothing specific – though that extends to all sports this year.

That said, I’d like to get my open 10k under 40 minutes this year. My fastest 5k/10k splits were all in my last HM :smiley:


I’ve got a 50 in the calendar in early May. Ultra running is my last great uncharted endurance goal.


I’ve been stuck at a 4:30/km threshold training pace (and generally 5 and 10k race pace) for 2 years. Going to improve on that this year.

Looking to go sub 1:40 open HM pace this year.

Careful with run less run faster. A lot of intensity in there. You really have to watch the intensity of anything what outside of the run. It’s difficult to mix in with any TR plan IMHO.


I have a goal. Sub 20 minute 5KM… That simple. I need to do the speedwork and then hopefully I should be fine


I’m running my first marathon in August. Shooting for 3:30. A lot of running and not as much cycling this year ahead. Can’t wait.


Cheers, I’m trying to be strict in following their protocol, and I agree - I won’t be mixing it with a TR plan. They want moderate to hard cross training sessions. I expect I’ll do one sweet spot or VO2 session on the bike per week and one endurance ride, one threshold swim and two half hour weights sessions. But all that is dependant on making the run sessions.:wink:

So far the interval/tempo isn’t phasing me, it’s the fast long runs I’m not sure I can do! 1st test is on Saturday :grimacing:

After April if all goes well I’ll be looking at that sort of target for the rest of the year, probably 1:45. Maybe focus a little on 5k first, but I think the half marathon distance is my best measure of success.

Ya, the “long run” pace is well above any recommended long run pace anywhere else. As I recall, it was only 30-40 seconds slower than threshold pace!

Zero low and slow. I did it for three months and saw it as the Trainer Road for running. Can be a recipe for injury.


I was training for a HM last year, but had to stop running due to post-tibial tendon injury from overuse (too much volume/speed too soon). Before I stopped, I managed a 1:47 half run in -15C to -20C on somewhat slipper roads, so fairly confident that would have been a low 1:40s in good conditions. Followed it up with an untrained 1:58 in November at RnR Vegas.

In 2020, I’ve a few races/goals:

  • Low volume training - cycling is my top priority, so I will try to introduce two runs/week (likely one brick, one standalone). I haven’t tested my tendon/ankle since November, but I’m hoping it’s properly healed by now.
  • Tuesday night duathlon series in May. Probably stick to short (2km/16km/2km) but may decide to do one or two long (4km/32km/4km).
  • RnR Vegas half in November. Goal time will depend on whether I can train and stay injury-free.
  • Challenge Daytona mid-distance duathlon. Goal is to not die/quit/get injured on the second run …
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Happy to read that you guys have running goals as well in this 2020.
In my case, I’m running San Sebastián (Spain) Marathon in November. Flat and nice course.
My goal is to improve my previous time (3:17 @Valencia Marathon, 2018), falling somewhere around 3:10 I guess. I won’t start running until April, after properly recovering from Cape Epic.


Copied from the 2020 Training/Racing Goals thread.

Primary running goals;

  • Sub 2:55 marathon at Boston (stretch goal, sub 2:50)
  • Depending on whether I run a half or full at the end of the year either sub 1:18 half or new marathon PR

Not included in original thread… I don t have any other open distance races planned but would be interesting to race if the opportunity arises.

  • 10k (37:18 pr)
  • 15k (56:28 pr)
  • 10 Miler (1:00:38 pr)

My current PR for these distances were part of my HM race in December.


I disagree. I found the low volume Base & Build plans to fit quite nicely as the cross training portion. I did the 2 mid-week workouts and usually skipped the weekend ride, or sometimes would just go outside for a leisure ride.

And I guess I “messed up” here, too. My threshold runs were around 7:30/mi whereas my long runs days were 9:30+/mi. I found the Run Less, Run Faster plans to be spot on. I used it for my first marathon and stuck to it really close. I was really happy with the results.

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I have Ironman Lake Placid in July and in the lead up I want to do a 30k in sub 2, an open half in sub 75, and a 10k in 33:xx.

I also want to do a treadmill marathon to see what it’s like. If I can do 4hrs on TrainerRoad, a marathon will be easy :slight_smile:


I’d be interested to hear more - did you do the Novice Marathon or Marathon plan? They have the same interval runs but quite different long runs.

Any running goals this year?

I did the novice as it was my first marathon. I wasn’t running super consistently so I wanted a plan that didn’t overwhelm me with the miles. Started around October 18 for my May 19 marathon. Peaked around 40 mpw, but mainly stayed mid 30s mpw. And like I said, I added the low volume base/build plans for my cross-training. Time-wise, I was around 3.5 hours/weeek for running, peaking at 5hrs once, so I wasn’t out training a ton, which I liked.

Overall, it was a great fit for me. I did a 1:37 HM in March, and my goal marathon was 3:34. Really happy with my time for my first full marathon. It destroyed me though and I took a full month off to recover both physically and mentally. Ended up downgrading my fall marathon to a half, which I PR’d with a 1:32.

Plans for this year are up in the air as I didn’t get in to the NYC HM in March. So I’m looking for another HM. And then I’d like to dabble in some Tri’s.

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I missed my sub 2:50 marathon goal by 66 seconds last year, (at Brighton, damn wind), so would definitely like to tick that one off. Looking at a fall marathon with Valencia as a backup plan in early December.

I’m focused on cycling now as I’m doing the Tour of Flanders sportive in April but I’m keeping the legs ticking over running twice a week with one run at around two hours.


I hear that. Hmm, you’re in a different league to me but how did you pace the first 10k and 20k? I’m carrying a spare 10kg so hills really hurt if I don’t slow down.

Totally impressed at you run ability, BTW.

No high priority running goals here. But my current tri training is going so well that I might have a shot at a long dream of mine - a sub 85 open HM in our local half in April.

Depending on how my job hunt turns out I might have to move away from tri for a while and stick bike and run only later this year. In that case i might try to BQ in Frankfurt in autumn.

Brighton is a little tricky to pace @JoeX the non-elite start at Preston Park kicks things off with a hill but that’ll probably keep you from starting too fast. There’s a nasty kicker of a hill in the city then its hilly till the turn around. The second half is dead flat and if not too windy very quick.

Definitely a course where a negative split is very achievable and highly recommended.

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