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I am trying to figure out the discrepancy between my FTP from TR average 131W to Zwift 196W
I did notice improvement in my ability with TR that’s for sure. But taking in consideration I finished Zwift academicwitu 229 improved FTP I cannot understand the low count on TR. Every time I am swapping I do a spin down successfully. Both apps use the Wahoo Kickr with climb no issues. My heart rate is in average 140-160 never been higher even when I am completely out of breath. My resting HR is 42 and my age very close to 48. I am working with the TR sweet spot base Mid volume 1 with 2 days rest incorporating some stretching or light cycling. Any suggestions or help much appreciated TR username Lucsi best regards

How exactly are you getting the FTP value from each app?

Which test workout in each are you using?

Please tell me you aren’t using the “you’ve updated your FTP” alerts that happen in ride and races in Zwift. That is a recipe for problems because they simply take 0.95 times your best 20-minute effort in a ride, workout or race.

That is a problem because that lacks the proper warm-up and anaerobic burn off efforts present in the 1x 20 min or 2x 8 min FTP tests.

Honestly, it’s terrible really and is likely to set people up for overly hard workouts. Bad move on Zwifts part.


Many Thanks for your reply
So you right i was updating these in the beginning of the zwift training but i stooped updating in the first month of using it. I reverted back to my original stats.
I can show examples of my 2 FTP test. I do not manipulate figures. My trainer Intensity remains 100% on both apps
For test purposes I changed the on TR my intensity from 100% to 150% to see if truly any change but no change detected. (Trainerroad) (Zwift)

Also with Modified Intensity

Many Thanks for your help and assistance if possible
Much appreciated

My recommendation is to set your FTP to 200w and retake the ramp test. You should get close to your max heart rate by the end of the test if you are doing it properly.

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Thank you Stevemz for your reply,
Just noted in your reply (not the first i seen) “test if you are doing it properly”
What do the people mean properly? I am on the highest ring in the front and lowest cassette in the back.
I go as fast as possible until I burn out. AM I missing here something, please?
The early stage of the Ramp starting on 90rpm and keeping consistently growing up to 110rpm - After 110RPM I bounce on the saddle so I revert bellow 110. Is this the correct way? Or any other points i need to consider?
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BTW is the ramp test performed correctly in Erg mod? Both Test were performed with ERG
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I just mean you should be pushing yourself to the point of absolute exhaustion, which usually coincides with when your legs completely give up and can’t pedal any more.

You should ride at a normal cadence in whatever gear works best for your setup. You can do a Ramp Test in whichever mode you prefer as long as you hit the wattage target; I prefer Erg.

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Many thanks again.
I will attempt my new test with the modified FTP settings to 200 again

Best Rrgards

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