Resistance and FTP Test

Good Morning All, Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend
I would request kindly your support/recommendations. I am a semi-convert from Zwift to TR (zwift social rides only)
I am using the structured plan Phases and I noted some discrepancies between the two apps and I cannot make sense of it.
The resistance of the Kickr is not as recognizable and it feels weaker,
I have done both in one day and I was quite OK after the training
Zwift for some reason seen my FTP on 235 and TR fluctuate between 160 to 200 which I believe is not realistic but again I am not sure. Also, my HR will not climb above 150 but I could push until my breath is out. Just looking and researching what may I be doing wrong
I tried Ramp-Test 2 times and i don’t see how is this reading my FTP
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Thinks I done to rectify: I checked the spindown, Checked the Battey in the HR Blue.
Following the onscreen information to my best knowledge.
Using Wahoo Climb maybe impacting the ride statistics not sure but its looks are working as per the % app.

If anyone could please look at my statistics and advise would be much appreciated.
Many thanks for your help
Best regards

If those were my ramp tests then I would know I quit based on the heart rate. Ramp test is meant to be done until failure, not when you think you’re done.

Perhaps that’s your max HR though.

Thank you for the update

Best regards