Tour of Flanders TR meet-up

Sounds good! Let’s keep in touch.

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You will have no option if you arrive at the wrong time…

At kwaremont “square” should be a big screen and a lot of people.
Also lots of beers


I figured as much. Is there a best time of day to aim for in your experience? On another thread, someone mentioned there is a ‘bailout’ route to the side that you can ride up, but I know I’ll be disappointed if I don’t attempt it.

That seems like a good spot. A lot of people isn’t ideal, but the beers does seem good. :smiley:

I didn’t do the route on “the day” but I heard from others to start a little late. When the people who are doing the complete route arrive at the hills should be ideal!

There is a big screen were you can follow the race.

It has been a while since I watched it live on a “square” but correct, at kwaremont “square” there is a big screen. There are probably also screens at Koppenberg, Paterberg and Oude Kwaremont (more info should be on

@zwillis1 and everyone else of course. There are bailouts but like you said the you will be disappointed if you use them. Koppeberg is the worst, all others are normally no problem. Not my footage, but this can give you an idea what to expect Doortocht op de Koppenberg - My Tour of Flanders 2017 - #rondevanvlaanderen #tourofflanders #rvv - YouTube (min 2.20 )

Not sure if you can see this Follow Miguel on Strava to see this activity. Join for free. but here you can have an idea for timing to aim for. The only problem I had was on koppenberg, because someone fell in front of me. All other “bergs” where ok. Also most people at that hour are the ones that are doing the full, they are generally more skilled and trained.

My quick tips for the “bergs”

  1. If you wanne pass yell which directions you will pass on, use english, 99% understands it here.
  2. If you pass someone, go full, if you have to walk, walk either left of right of the road, not on the road itself.
  3. Don’t wait for each other on the top but like 100 yards further, easier to spot each other.
  4. If it is raining, lower your tire pressure, even if it is not raining, go lower than you think. Roads are crap here.
  5. ENJOY the views, Flanders has some nice scenery.
  6. Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!
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Strava link works. Very helpful! @GPx Looks like 7 hours is more realistic for a target time! :rofl:

@V-2 Thanks for the insights!

I talked to my LBS and asked them the question on tire pressure as I normally run 7.5 bar on 25mm (sorry don’t know the psi conversion), and they said oh yeah drop it down to somewhere between 5 and 6.5 bar.


I did a 103KM 1100+ ride yesterday and got all kinds of PRs even though I wasn’t pushing/aiming for them so it seems my TR training is working :sunglasses:

I think I am going to be open minded going into it, not particularly aiming for a time.
I noticed that it helped me yesterday on the climbs, being a lot more relaxed on the climbs, but still hoping it will be a respectable time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a goal time, but mostly want to enjoy it. Did Paris Roubaix a few years ago and went hard and hit my target time. Only later I realised I hadn’t gotten a chance to “enjoy” it - I was way too focused on my time and not on the experience. Hoping to have a better experience this time and get nearish my goal time rather than prioritise speed.

And well done on the training ride!

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@GPx I ride on the back 5.5(79psi) and front 5bar (72psi)…I weigh around 69-70kg with 25mm tires.

Do you have wide rims? If so I would go lower!

I Ride 21mm internal rims With 25mm tyres and most of the time I would-be arround 4-4,5bar riding on good roads @81 kg

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I’m signed up for the 174 km as well. I rode the 85 km last year and chose to step up more this year. However, after an 85 km ride yesterday I noticed my legs and lungs felt great but my back, neck, and shoulders may be paying the price for 174k. I am considering stepping down to the 135k.

Some advice I learned last year. The 85 km was a great distance if your goal is enjoying the climbs and cobbles. It basically puts you straight in to the mix with the Oude Kwaremont, Taiienberg, and so on. The good part of that distance is you are ahead of the next 15,000 riders. Another reason I am considering stepping down to 135 km is because the roads and climbs are so skinny, you have no choice but to dismount at the base of the climbs and wait 10-15 minutes for the pack to move through. The cobbled climbs are tough, and even if you are fit it’s easy to take a bad bounce or spin a tire (they are very slick/wet) and you cannot get traction to continue. When you have hundreds on the climb at a time everyone ends up walking because you cannot get around.

I’m planning to start around 730 AM-8 AM. The Wolverburg is fairly immediate for the 174 and 135 and I’d like to hit that with the sun up to enjoy seeing it. If I stick with the 174km I’ll look around if any of you are there. Having a wheel, even for a little bit, makes the day much better. People get strung out very quick and there are all types and abilities on course.

All really useful advice! Thanks! If you stick with 174, we can get a chain gang going.

Not sure, came with the bike so I assume pretty standard. But i guess lower is better on the roads here. There are some good podcast about tire pressure and how to determine the right pressure.
Podcast – FLO Cycling (episode 21)

Thanks for the advice guys!

Now let’s just hope the weather improves, for now it seems to be a typical Flanders forecast :grimacing:

Good luck to all of you! And most important: have fun!


Still looking very Flandrian on the weather front. Rain from Wednesday to Saturday. Then it clears up for the pros. Doesn’t really seem fair, does it?