Tour of Flanders TR meet-up

Pff that’s not good news haha, going to make the effort a lot harder and trickier on the cobbles with that many people.

Buddy of mine sent me a YouTube video where they guys from Cycling magazine went up a few of the climbs we are going to face, but even in perfect weather conditions it looked tricky to get up there with so many people.

Just ordered a new jacket just in case the weather is going to be horrible, only thing that isn’t waterproof are my bib shorts I guess.
My leg warmers, overshoes and gloves should be.

It looks like shit but i use something like a mudguard.

Keeps your bump dry!!!

A tip for the Koppenberg: try to climb it on the left side: 9 out of 10 the right side is wet hence slippery. During recon the left side was covered with leaves, they have cleaned it by now.

Nevertheless, be prepared to clip out when there is a pile up: as @GPx mentions, it is going to be tricky and crowded.

By aware of the railway crossing at Steenbeekdries: you will have quite some speed there: don’t miss the corner!

Also a reminder: currently there is a lot of fuzz about ‘cycling terrorists’ in Belgian media due to an open letter from a fellow cyclist. He noticed people littering, dive-bombing corners, not giving signals when there’s something on the road during Ghent-Wevelgem’s cyclo. Just remind it’s a sportive, not a race :slight_smile:

Good luck to all and enjoy the ride!



The weather looks like it might improve as the day goes. But there’s almost no point in looking at the forecast this early when we’re talking about Flanders.

The worst part is that we have to dress for the worst parts. You’ll see the pros go in and out of their rain gear and/or warmers 3 or 4 times during the race. I’ve spent too much on all my cycling gear to toss a rain jacket or my shoe covers.

Last year I brought a plethora of outfits/accessories and made final decision at my car right before heading to the start line. I’ll have everything from shorts/short sleeves to winter waterproof bibs and a rain jacket. Hopefully I can get by with thick socks, long early spring bibs, a long sleeve base layer, and a gilet over a jersey. Cycling cap to keep the head warm of course. I’ll just commit to long fingered waterproof gloves at the outset.

If I had a sag I’d bundle and shed as appropriate. If the forecast swings wildly I may ask my wife to see if she can move about the course and be there to shed or pick up clothes from.

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It actually looks like we’re in luck as far as weather. Cloudy but warm. Still bringing arm/leg warmers, rain cape, overshoes and two different base layers, but seems like it may be overkill.

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Yeah I know what you mean, I just backed my bags and just dropped everything in them.

Guess I’ll figure out tomorrow what’s going with me on the bike.
On route to Oudenaarde as we speak to pick up our starting numbers, I’ll let you know which ones we got so you get an extra motivation boost when you pass me :wink:

Just landed in Brussels! Will be stopping by to pick up number shortly!

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I’m riding the 227 km’s so I’m starting in Antwerp at 06:45 AM! If anyone wants to join let me know! I’m hoping to arrive in Oudenaarde at 04:00 PM.

The weather forecast for the sportive tomorrow: Cloudy but no rain. In the morning ±7 °C so pretty cold. ± 15°C in the afternoon.

Enjoy the ride and the beers afterwards.

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9117 and my mate is 9118, good luck to everyone!

So tempting :stuck_out_tongue:



I think I’ll be finishing around then as well, so keep in touch!

Haha yes, we’re sticking with the 174km.
Wouldn’t enjoy a 200km+ ride like this, maybe something for next year haha.

Only started cycling a year ago

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6808 is my number.

Hope to see you guys!


Find my number and I’ll do some pulling!


Good luck and have fun. Keep it save!!!


Good luck to everyone. Have fun and pedal hard. #forfunandglory



For those that aren’t riding but are interested in the hills on the course for tomorrow

My favorites are “molenberg”, “muur van geraardsbergen” and “kanarieberg” oh and “haaghoek” followed by “Leberg”…if you have the legs go full out there…the pain is over faster :wink:

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