Ronde van Vlaanderen 2020 Lockdown Edition now live!

The 13 riders invited to the Tour of Flanders: Lockdown Edition are:

Remco Evenepoel
Wout van Aert
Jasper Stuyven
Tim Wellens
Michael Matthews
Mike Teunissen
Oliver Naesen
Zdenek Stybar
Greg van Avermaet
Yves Lampaert
Nicolas Roche
Thomas de Gendt
Alberto Bettiol

Grab your beer, place your bets, and enjoy the racing!


Gcn stream is a bit laggy but the other stream is great.

Never thought I’d be watching turbo racing!

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All true comments!

First causality!
Michael Matthews is out!
Wasted after only 15 min!

So weird watching this format of racing. Glad they are trying to keep some momentum though.

Dropping out so early shows just how hard it is I guess.

And at least none of them are going to get gonged from the race for doing “superhuman” wattage! :laughing:

Nice mix of nationalities, too. :+1:

Naesen ATTACKS!!!

GvA takes it with a 500w solo effort. :1st_place_medal:

Cartoon racing as it should be — short w/ entertaining commentary, well done!

Wonder if there’s going to be a virtual race record book this year? :thinking:

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He did it so casually compared to Naesen

Those watts are crazy…

He was pretty sweaty at the end so maybe not that casual. :laughing:

Interesting to see these guys do a 45min race instead of the usual 5hr race but still end up with similar placings.

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I’ll take more of this please, considering the alternative…I was entertained by “live sports” today so that’s all that matters.

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Shame the women didn’t get the same opportunity, I guess it’s normal for cycling to side in one particular way.

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I really loved this, except for the parts where the announcer was talking about the great turnout of the digital crowd, and how they were really excited. Ok…

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Just watched the replay,…the GCN feed was unwatchable. The InCycling link was smooth.

Kinda interesting…thiught they did a good job of showing the “race” along with live videos if the riders suffering. Roche in 3rd was a surprise

Looked like a lot of Tacx trainers…

I appreciate the attempt to use the real course, but imo it would have been much more enjoyable on zwift. Just a more polished interface. That said, I really appreciated seeing WVA’s dog, and live racing too :slight_smile:

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Got this from Belgian website sporza, just to give you an idea from the watts (Van Averlaert pushed a 5.7w/kg , he weighs 76kg)

Naam power_max power_average speed_max speed_average power_normalized
Van Avermaet 844 434 68 43 451
Naesen 783 425 69 43 438
Roche 792 398 68 43 420
Stuyven 934 395 68 42 425
Evenepoel 541 361 69 41 374
Stybar 657 371 67 40 378
Lampaert 649 380 68 40 388
Bettiol 666 328 68 40 355
Matthews 722 278 70 29 373

Even though it’s a terrible substitute for the real thing, I could handle a summer of watching these types of short and sweet ‘pick-up’ pro races. What else am I going to do?!

More power analysis from e Flanders.

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