NEW to TR and Power based Structured Training Plan - Training for Belgian Classics advice, please


I’m 59 years old (60 in 5 months), I’ve done a lot of mountain biking, but due to osteoarthritis in my wrist, I switched to road cycling.

Last year, I rode about 8500 km and climbed about 93000 m. My challenge for 2023 was the “Cinglés du Mont Ventoux” (137 km and 4400 m D+). I trained “the old-fashioned way” for this challenge: riding, long rides, climbing and some intensity. Result: 7h50 to do the 3 ascents/descents, without ending up on the knees, and quite satisfied to have managed this challenge in this way.

But this year, I renewed my subscription to TR (which I had abandoned due to lack of equipment to record power) and I invested in a Wahoo Kickr Core to progress more “scientifically”.

For this year 2024, I am registered for 2 Belgian Classics sportive:
03/30: We Ride Flanders - Ronde Van Vlaanderen Cyclo (179 km / 2150 m D+) Course - We Ride Flanders
04/20: Liège-Bastogne-Liège (150 km: 2800 m D+) Course - Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge
I have other challenges planned but on June 30, and in August…

So, now that I have time and equipment to train (5 days a week and Kickr), I have a few questions:

  1. What training volume to choose: Mid Volume seemed appropriate to me, and like that, I could possibly add long rides in Z2?
  2. Which of the 2 Belgian Classics sports to choose as A races and B races, or put both in B races and put my challenge of 06/30 in A, but I’m afraid I’m not ready for the Belgian Classics… .?
  3. What type of event to choose knowing that these sportive are made up of “short” climbs, but very steep!!! Gran Fondo? Rolling Road Race? other?
    And I choose Masters Plan.

Thank you all for your help and other advice, and sorry for the long post.
Happy New Year!

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Hi Bruno-I will ride the 257km course this year. I have been riding a lot of endurance Z2 type rides to get ready and have maybe a V02max effort once a week or every two weeks. I also do some SS workouts. I think what I do is closer to masters high volume rolling RR plan but I don’t have any problems with a high volume GF plan.

If you don’t have much base miles I would just put both in B races. There are about 12 weeks until the RVV and a bit more for the LBL. You can certainly get ready for them, but I wouldn’t force it, tbh. Here, I am assuming you have just started logging miles in. There are a few plans on TP specific to RVV, but not sure if it’s worth spending money on. I would also find a short/steep hill and do 1-2min low-cadence efforts in there preferably on the tail end of a 2-4 hr endurance ride. Good luck man, hope we have some good weather.


Happy New Year, Bruno! Welcome to the TR community. :smiley:

1 – If Mid Volume seems appropriate to you based on your training experience and history, that sounds like a good volume to choose. If you have extra time or want to bump up your total training duration, you could add some extra Z2 riding, as you said. Workout Alternates is also a great tool to use if you would like to find a longer version of a particular workout you had already planned on doing.

2 – I’d encourage you to mark your later challenge in June or August as your “A race” for the season. You should pick the event where you will perform at your absolute peak fitness, and it should be an event that is the most important to you. Athletes can only peak once or twice yearly, so it’s important to consider which race you want to be at your very best for.

Even if you’re not peaking for a certain race, you can definitely still be well-trained and prepared for it. Many professional racers, for example, race dozens of times over the course of their season, but they will only be in peak shape for one or two races (or perhaps over the course of a few weeks if they are competing in a stage race).

3 – I think Rolling Road Race would be a solid plan for you for the short and steep climbs you’ll be facing. You’ll get plenty of aerobic base building throughout your plan, and you’ll also get a healthy mix of VO2 Max workouts that will help you power over those punchy climbs on race day.

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me or know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll try that!
And thanks to @iLikeTofu88 for the advice, and good luck to you too, have a great one!

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