Paris - Brest - Paris 2019


I wondered if any TR users are going to try and enter this years upcoming event in 2019 beside myself, or if you’ve done the ride in previous years.

Would be interested in setting up a training group to provide support to each other and a place to discuss best possible training plans, equipment, etc

I’ve been busy selecting which rides I’ll be trying to complete to be eligible to enter this ride when registration opens up. I have to admit, the new calendar function has made planning the year a hell of a lot easier compared to manually inputting the TR plans into Training Peaks.

Look forward to hearing from you.


I’m not, but maybe in 4 years time. I managed a my first 300 this year (snow roads) using tr to train for it and have a 400 planned next. Perfect timing with the new calendar too. Base/build/speciality completes a week before the 400 with a week off at Christmas.

Good luck qualifing for pbp, please keep us updated on progress


Another here not doing PBP but will be looking to do my first 300 or 400 next year.

Good luck @pfreeman and @Saintb


I am hoping to make it next year. I just finished a 1200k at the end of August, so I should have a fairly early start time if I go. I finished PBP in 2011, but I dnf’d my 600k in 2015 and didn’t go.


Have you planned out which rides you’ll be attempting for qualifiers?
I’ve got mine temporarily planned, just waiting on confirmation of time off (I work every weekend so bike ride events are quite costly to me :frowning: )
I’m only really stuck on the options available for the 600. Looks like I’m going to have to do the Penine 600, which is not ideal considering how lumpy it is.

If you read french there is an active thread on the velotaf forum…

Unfortunately not, although I am starting a French course next week. Perhaps it would be good practice for me.

I am not sure if google translate works on it:

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Where are you located? There are large numbers of 600k’s next year in the U.S.

I’m in central Pennsylvania. The three options near me for 600k’s are in DC, eastern PA or New Jersey. Sometimes New Jersey has a fairly flat 600k. The problem I have had with 600k’s is they are often the first hot ride of the year, and I by then I have unlearned how to cope with heat. So I cramp a lot.

There have been some threads about PBP on the randon gmail group and bikeforums randonneuring forum.

I’m in the UK. I haven’t looked in to it but It may be an idea to do a 600 in France, Italy or Spain to keep my options open.

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I figured that out after I posted. I looked at the Audax UK web site, they don’t have next year’s calendar posted yet. I think most UK discussion is on “yet another cycling forum.”

I want to know more about the 30% grade on that 2 1/2 mile climb.
Pretty sure I would have to walk parts of that.

@eekeller check out from 03:55

This was shot on the Millie Penine 1000km. The 600km is part of this route. It’s a ride is like to do, but I’m stacking the deck to get in to pbp by attempting it. I suppose I could look at it as if I didn’t manage to get to do pbp next year then at least I rode this. Perhaps I should book/plan to do 2 rides and decide which to do closer to the time.

I’ve done PBP the past two iterations, just riding it without any thought on “training” per se. Lots of great information out there on equipment, gear, etc. and happy to share thoughts if needed. New to power training this year, and have been using TR the past several months. Also interested in tips on how to use the training plans (and TR in general) for more effectively training for such a long event.

Hi, I also want to start at PBP 2019. My only goal is to finish it within 90 hours. I did the 600 k last year as my longest ride.
I am totally new here on TR but I would like to train as efficient as possible. I work 20 h and i have got two children. So I have to use my time.

My plan is to use the Tradition Base Plan and sit as much time as possible on the bike. But there are a lot of vertical meters to do and i want to get stronger in this uphills.

So if someone has got tips about use the trainings plan in TR and about PBP let me know!

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I plan to enter. I did the ride in 2015 and LEL (London Edinburgh London) last year.

There are a lot of hills. I don’t really know how to express this and get it across … a LOT of hills. I can only remember one that touched upon being steep and it was only for about 50 meters … but it was after about 1000 km, so it was unwelcome.

Training? I’m plan to just do the Sweet spot, build and the sustained power as the specialization. The biggest challenge is the mental one. Most long distance rides are mental. By the time you get through the qualifications you are pretty much physically ready. But you need to sink deep into a dark, cold cellar and learn how to pull yourself back up again. Crying is ok. It worked for LEL.


Other TR user looking to do PBP here with the qualifications happening in the UK:

  • 200 km - Gentle Bentley (March)
  • 300 km - Barry’s Jaeger Bomb (April)
  • 400 km - Buckingham Blinders (May)
  • 600 km - Windsor Chester Windsor (June)

Longest ride to date was London > Paris with 2h sleep on the ferry. Looking to build up endurance through long rides by myself at least once or twice a month probably (Including qualifying rides).

I was born in Brest and my parents still live there so this would be a great ride for me to tick off the list!


Ireland would be an option for you as well. :wink: the first calendar 600k is at the end of April.

Unfortunately, as I understand you can’t use a permanent as qualification.

I’ve done 2007 88h, 2011 fixed 89h and 2015 fixed 80h group (76 3/4h).

Looking to do 2019 on a domane sl with gears. Have done a 400k last year. Entered qualifiers already. Don’t pick easy qualifiers unless you have to. PBP is a tough ride so make sure you can complete a hard 600k. Maybe not the Pendle 600j, I’ve done that and it’s a brute of a ride. 33% gradients are hard work!

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I have entered a 200,300 and a 400

I’m still not thinking of doing PBP !
I’m still not doing a 600 !