Tour of Flanders TR meet-up

Hey all,

I’m lucky enough to be going to the Tour of Flanders this year to ride the 174km version sportive and then stick around the next day to watch the race live. I know there are a few TR users/forum members who are going to be there and thought we should try to organise at least a wee social event that weekend.

If anyone doing the ride wants a riding partner, I’m aiming for a 7:30-8am start and hoping for a 6ish hour pace (probably), but can be flexible with start and pace. Otherwise, I’ll be happy to grab some Belgian’s finest beverages that evening or the next day to watch the race!

Anyone who’ll be going, get in touch and let’s see if we can get a TR social hour!

@V-2 and @GPx, I think you said you’ll be there?


Yep, I am going to ride the same distance at Flanders as well, not sure if I can match your speed though haha.

I am going to go with a buddy of mine, he uses TR but isn’t active on the forum. I’ll check with him if he’s up for a meet-up and let you know!

How’s your training going towards the event?

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@zwillis1 Had some change of plans. Some friend had a crazy idea about a race that goes from one end of Belgium to the other end. And that starts ton 17:00h the 6th of April (so a lot of riding at night). I will finish hopefully 15 hours later, grab some sleep and watch the tour of flanders. I will pm you on how we can meet up to grab a drink.

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Hey sportsmates,

I will not participate at the ride, but I’m planning to watch the race on.
If I will be there I will take a look at the forum and maybe we could do a short meet and greet each other. :wink:

Greets from Germany


I’m doing the same distance with another TR user from the UK. Itr be great to meet up at some point (I’ve not ridden this event before and haven’t tried to predict a time - I will look at best bike split later and use some other similar tough events to try and guess what our time might be.


:rofl::rofl: Doing a bit of maths myself and realising 6 hours may be a bit ambitious. Even if I’m firing on all cylinders that day, 6:30-7 hours seems more realistic to target.

Training going well - in the final weeks of General Build, but had a really busy week this week, so will miss the targets for this one - but overall feeling strong and ready for it! How about you?

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Sounds…insane! :flushed::joy: Get in touch if you survive!

It’ll be my first in Flanders as well so my numbers may be off!

@Kevf Are you still doing ToF?

Haha I think 7 hours as moving time would be realistic for me, not including all the stops etc.
First time cycling Flanders so I have no idea what’s realistic in terms of climbing and cobbles.

Good to hear your training is still on point!

I managed to get to the second half of General Build in January but then made the ‘mistake’ of cycling outside, man did I have a hard time getting motivated to jump on the trainer.

I changed my training a bit since then, cycling outside, mountain biking and choosing workouts from the TR catalog that looked like ‘fun’ (i.e. hard ones but different than what’s in the General Build).
Workouts like Blue, Blood +1 and Basin+1.

Just came of a two week trip to Asia but the jet lag doesn’t seem to have an impact on my energy levels on the bike.
This weekend I am going to test my form a bit on a 110KM ride with around 1,000 meters of climbing.

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‘Fraid not. The group I was going with decided to cancel the trip (and accommodation) so left me a bit high and dry. Managed to sell on my entry and am going to buy a powermeter for outdoor training with the money I would have spent!!

Maybe try again next year.

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I did my outdoor test last weekend. 100km and 1000m of climb and came out feeling great. 3PRs on the local climbs!

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I quite like the sound of this for 2020.

Well done!

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7 hours sounds good. I’ll be in my TR kit, so keep any eye out for each other!

Great! Keep in touch and we can either get a group going on the ride or have celebratory beverages after if y’all fancy!

Be prepared to walk up the steep climbs like Paterberg and Koppenberg! There are many cyclists walking/falling over on those hills…

Walk!?! Never!!!

Any suggestions for spectating the race? I’ve considered the Oude Kwaremont as they hit it 3 times, just wondered about car parking?

I’m wondering the same thing. I have no idea where is good, but would love some advice. I think @V-2 is a local and may be able to give us some help.