Torq branded gels experience

Did some searching but was not sure where to put this. I have been experimenting with the Torq gels that some of my teammates got our LBS to stock. Cheaper than the maurten gels but still almost 2x regular (hammer, etc) gels.

For ME – they work better. Easier to down during hard efforts and don’t require the large drink immediately afterwards. Soon, I need to drink – about the same as when I tried SIS (Science in Sport).

Torq advertises on their package that they are doing the 2:1 ratio that @Nate_Pearson has talked about (2 Maltodextrin: 1 Fructose) and has 30g of CHO in each one. Their website talks about doing 2-3 Torq units (1 unit = 30 grams CHO) per hour) via a mix of their offerings.

I was going to do 3 on the 90 minute ride portion yesterday and lost one somewhere. Was handed a traditional gel at an aid station and it did not go into my system nearly as well.

Part of me wants to keep this quiet – and part of me wants to shout it out!

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+1 for the Torq products! Their gel flavours are good - really easy to eat. Mostly I use the Rhubarb & Custard or the Apple Crumble gels.

Combining ale and fast absorbing carbohydrate? They’ve got it covered for me this summer! Maybe I should have posted this in the ‘What beer are you enjoying?’ thread?

(Haribo chaser optional)

Oh man. That ale one is vile. But the other flavours are pretty good :+1:

I’m a big fan of Torq stuff. Mince pie flavoured bars are amazing :slight_smile:

Just to state that I’m coached by Torq, but…

I’m a long time SIS user mainly becuase SIS is cheaper with the sales they have. My coach convinced after 2 years that there own products were easier to measure CHO and easier to use mid race.

After some experimentation on XC marathon, he’s right. The packets are smaller for your pockets and the 3 x Units per hour is easy to get right - 2 gels & 1 bottle or if hot 2 bottles and one gel. The flavours are nice but I don’t mind SIS either, yet I like the fact that Torq has no sweeteners.

Anyway, I’ve switched to Torq for my races but will still use SIS on the Turbo / training rides where accuracy isn’t quite so important and large packets can be juggled easily in the mancave.

I have used Torq products for a long time. I find them the most palatable with great flavours. As others have said, the 3 unit per hour system is also easy to follow.

Torq gels are like some legit Willy Wonka candy MAGIC!

Apple crumble tastes like apple and crumble. Rhubarb and Custard tastes just like Rhubarb and custard! You can taste both parts both seperately and together at the same time!

Amazing! :astonished:

*Disclaimer - I have done no experimentation, I take them occcaisionally on long MTB rides and they seem to do the trick.

*Disclaimer 2 - I have an Iron gut and can pretty much eat anything with no ill effects :smile: