Jonathan's comparaison on gels

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For those who follow Jonathan on Instagram, then you might have seen this :

Is it me or the Maurten gel info is not good ? It seems to me they have a 1:0.8 ratio and only delivers 25g of carbs (not 40g!)

Also, if @Jonathan can tell us more about his fueling strategy on a mtb marathon race this would be so nice :blush:

  • Could you tell us when you use the Maurten Gel 100 vs the Maurten Gel 100 Caf ?


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I think the SIS 60ml packet also only delivers 22g of Carbs.

The 40 g on the Maurten may be referencing the weight of the serving packet not the carbs. The ingredients seem to show the 25 g you sited.

Think the precision hydration seems to have more weight per packet which also affects the relative comparisons.

Confirming. Here’s an SIS label


Sis is thinner to keep it isotonic. I think you need to chase with water for the other gels


Correction. I figured it out. Jonathan’s stats are for SIS Beta gel, not the normal one which is what is in my pic


Yup his stats on the SIS Bêta fuel were good but not for Maurten

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Yep, I made a typo there. 25g of carbs in Maurten gels and 1:0.8.

In my personal testing, I have noticed no perceivable difference between 2:1 and 1:0.8. Not saying it has no effect, but just that I have not noticed it in my ***highly scientific n=1 blind “studies” :wink:


I tried the SiS gels and the taste was horrible IMO. I never thought anyone could make sugar taste bad.


Ha Ha to each their own

I have been told the texture (SIS) is like snot, but I don’t mind the flavors and/or texture

Maurten on the other hand tastes fine, but the texture is like boogers or Boba tea. Takes a bit to get used to the texture.

Have not tired Precision Hydration

Some SIS taste bad to me - I have noticed the ones with caffeine definitely have a little bit of funny flavor. I ordered a sampler to try all flavors. I find the Citrus, lemon lime, apple, orange all taste good. The coffee flavors are OK. I did not like berry and cherry at all - tasted like Nyquil…
To me they don’t taste quite as good as some others (clif, gu) but I really like the thinner consistency and find them much easier to get down in hours 4+ of a long ride.


I am a big fan of SIS gels, and like many of the flavors. The consistency is key for me though, as most other brands are way too thick when one is hot and mid ride to be easily palatable. The other bonus is they are almost always on sale, so I tend to stock up!

And yes, that is a cocktail shaker in the back…usually saved for post ride drinks! However, it does fit in a bottle cage so I have considered taking it on a cocktail ride some day!


The double espresso SiS gels are my favorite. Good change of pace from fruity flavored nutrition in the bottles.

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When do you guys take in the caféine gels on long races (4-5hrs) ?

I use the 75mg caffeine gels when I am on the trainer. If I am 45 minutes into a harder VO2Max or Threshold workout and starting to tank, it helps get my energy up, and improves my focus (could be placebo of course). On outside rides I will pop a caffeine gel when I feel my energy starting to lag towards the end of a ride, but it is not a substitute for proper fueling.

I ordered 2 flavors of gels and 1 mix and they all tasted weird to me. I’m a picky eater in general but these were the first energy products of any kind that I didn’t like.

On the subject of gels: I use Maurten w/ no issues, but my boss (new to triathlons and training for IM distance) says they upset her stomach. Any suggestions for “most tolerable” gel on the market?

I started using gels a couple of years ago, bought a load of different brands and tried them in training. I settled on the powerbar ones, because they didn’t affect how my stomach felt, I quite liked the slight hint of salt taste and because they had a retainer when you tear the top so no litter.


Since then I’ve read a lot about fueling and tried a lot of different things. If your boss is as new to this as I was then I would encourage her to take a much more holistic approach. Make sure that she’s getting enough hydration, control carbs/hour and gradually increase the amount. If she’s never really fueled much before (as I was) then it’s likely she’s been having about 30g/hour - 1 bottle of drink. Suddenly starting on gels could double that! Yes, what works in terms of products is going to be different for everyone, but amount and concentration of carbs, hydration and sodium requirements seem to be the big picture items to look at. And if she needs ironman-specific training or nutrition advice there is a huge thread full of friendly and helpful people.

I have the same issue, cannot do Maurten. Both gels and drink upsets my stomach. I have used Nduranz for the past year now and it works wonders for me :slight_smile: Can even mix 200g of carbs in a single 500ml bottle without gut issues :slight_smile:

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good info. thanks, guys!

My LBS started carrying Maurten so I grabbed a few gels and some drink mix packets. I really like the gels. Refreshing to not have a overly sweet flavor and I like the consistency, I always seem to get a gel all over me during a race. Didn’t seem to play havoc on my stomach after my 4 hour ride yesterday.

The nutrition facts are really hard to understand which to me is a big downfall. (Or I’m just an idiot). For this reason I haven’t tried the drink mix yet.