Too many workouts

I wasn’t able to do any workouts on weekend, so i decided to do extra this week - but it’s probably a bad idea.

Which excersises would you delete out of these? Do I do 2 workouts, then do a rest day instead of Carter? Or do I delete two excersises? What would you do?

I’m on SSB Med 1. Yesterday I did Reinstein, it hurt at first but then I got into it. After a while, unders were harder than overs, but I guess that’s normal. Legs were done after first O-Us, but then got better as the workout progresses. I feel them a bit today, but nothing special.

Yeah, no… don’t cram like your example above (I know you are planning to change, but this is almost NEVER a good idea).

The short and sweet answer is to ignore what you missed last week and just move on with the existing (original) plan without shoving in “extra-credit” to make up for last weeks losses. Trying to cram that may well lead to excessive fatigue and eventual poor performance in one or more workouts of the week.

I would likely reset to the actual plan week and maybe include an easier Endurance level ride to increase TSS gradually for the current week. Mid volume is no joke for most people, so be cautious of taking on too much because it may bit you hard in the following workouts and weeks.


What Chad said. I will say, however, that if you insist on completing this week, we’ll see you in six weeks asking if you’re overtraining :grinning:


I’d say it really depends on how you handle the volume…this isn’t really the most intense of weeks for some. I’d personally rearrange it Reinstein > Glassy > Carter > Ericcson > Carson > Drop Leavitt down to an endurance workout, like Baxter or Townsend > Tunemah, and then take a rest day on Monday

If I were going to drop anything, it’d be Ericcson, Carson, or Leavitt. But do whatever your body wants, leave the week as-is and make the call to swap or drop as you get there.

It’s SSB1. It just doesn’t matter enough this early in the program.

If the OCD in you hates incomplete weeks, then just repeat the previous week.

Consistency is key to structured training, and cramming disrupts consistency. Resist the urge!