Redo a bad training week or just move on

I had a week of travel for work that occurred during week 3 of SSB1 MV. I underestimated the intensity I worked at in the Hotel fitness center and had nothing for my Saturday workout. The next week (week 4 of plan) was Thanksgiving, and it hasn’t gone smoothly for the normal holiday week reasons either. I struggled and failed to finish the last two workouts for the week.

Should I push my plan out a week and redo this last week, or chalk it up to experience and move on as scheduled? I don’t want to go into SSB2 MV unprepared, but I don’t want to add an additional week and be over fatigued either.

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Im close to you in training plan choice. I am just about to start Base Mid 2 I say just do that week again. Unless you are in a super rush for something.