Switching workouts / creating a rest day / prioritizing which workout to delete

How can I switch workouts without being detrimental to the training plan. I am going to ride outside on Sunday, but dont want to do that + Spruce Knob . Ill be too tired for the next sessionBashful +6. If I delete a session, should I reschedule it in the next week? and have 5 sessions instead of 4? Also can I push all the sessions forward if I want to incorporate an extra recovery week? (being an old git who needs more recovery)

Any one workout will not make or break a training plan. Just sub out your outside ride for whatever your indoor ride may be and continue on with your plan as scheduled.

Enjoy being outside and hit the next week refreshed!

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Thanks, that will save complications. And I wont feel Ive got to sacrifice my recovery!

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