Time Crunched Plans - I don't see them listed

I don’t see a way to select a complete plan of Time Crunched workouts under Base or Build phases. Are those available? Thanks,

Specialty Phase, Enthusiast Category

Thanks Chad. Looking at the plans them seem more appropriate for use after at least completing a regular base phase.

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Yes, I think a base of some sort makes sense. The issue could be the actual makeup of that Base. Even the Low Volume Sweet Spot is much longer than these TC plans. So, you might use the SSB plan as a template, but choose shorter versions.

Alternatively, you might just take a Ramp test and jump in to the TC plans and see how it goes. If it works, keep on track. If you struggle, step back and try a few weeks with lower intensity SS workouts as a primer.

@mcneese.chad If I have an A race at the end of summer, would you recommend doing something like this for a few months after just to carry through the rest of the year without losing a ton of fitness? I would then start a new plan the following year when I got back into racing mode.

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Yeah, I think these can work just fine for maintenance, prior to starting a full Base > Build > Specialty.

I would consider leaving a week or two between the maint. and full plans, but I see that as being fine for keeping some good fitness in the interim.

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