Sprint Tri vs Time Crunched plans

Two questions for the more knowledgeable than me trainer roaders! I don’t really have the time for the 1 hr to 2 hr workouts that pop up through the sweet spot plans so I’m looking at the sprint Tri and time crunched plans specialty plans. Either choice would be supplemented with 2-3 runs a week and if possible one swim a week.

  1. Given that the low volume plans are similar in terms of weekly time, what are the differences in the plans? They both seem to contain a fair amount of HIIT.

  2. I have solid base fitness but haven’t completed any structured plan. I’ve done lots of workouts but no full plan. Is one plan a better choice than another considering this?

I’m trying to get away from just doing lots of Jon’s / Emily’s short mix in zwift and switch to something more planned and deliberate. And I like reading Chad’s coaching tips.



I’m assuming you are training for a sprint tri so that is how I will answer your question.

  1. I’m assuming you are talking SSB vs Sprint Tri. If so the triathlon plans are designed with the added stress of running and swimming in mind. And the sprint plan is focused on the demands of a sprint (short steady state effort). SSB is a base training plan. It is great at that but it is not going to be focused on the demands of a sprint of take into account the added stress of running and swimming. If you are training for a sprint triathlon you should be doing the sprint tri plans.
  2. You can never have enough base training. So unless you have less than 16 weeks tp your event I would not skip the base phase. And even if you do have less than 16 weeks I would still lean towards keeping the base phase and cutting some specialty.

I also noticed you mention you are considering the sprint tri specialy plans. I just want make sure your know that the TR plans are meant to progress from Base->Build->Specialty. If you jump straight to specialty you are missing a lot of the base foundation that endurance sports require.

Hi, I’m not actually training for a sprint Tri - I have a century coming up in Sept and a half marathon in Nov. I like triathlon perspective though, the variety is more engaging for me.

I just completed a 100 mile gravel event with about 10800 ft of climbing. I’m not worried about being able to do the century comfortably - it will be the 4th time I’ve done this specific event.

My goal is to find a series of brief workouts that move you along a progression to get away from doing the same TR or zwift workouts.

I was looking at the time crunched plans as an option and I noticed that the sprint Tri workouts were of similar length and intensity. Hence my questions.

Thabks for your feedback though - all the insight is appreciated.