Time Crunch 30 and 45

If a person was never going to race or compete. If they just wanted to ride and be physically fit have fun with friends do local rides around 60 miles. Would it be better to skip base,build & specialty phases and just do Time cruch 30 & Time Crunch 45. Or are all 3 phases really important for any rider? Thanks

I’m a relatively new rider, and do not race. Personally I found that TR Base has been essential to enjoying group rides and finishing strong on longer rides. Due to injuries in 2018 I haven’t made it thru build yet, and have repeated base multiple times off and on during the course of the year. Looking forward to working a full progression, although I’ll likely try raising my power first by repeating SSB2 a couple times.


Thanks, I know tou’re Going to do great. I didn’t really think about the longer group rides. Thanks a bunch

@ChrisCycle I’ve heard Coach Chad say many times on the podcast to focus on base. You might want to try sweet spot base 1 low volume, instead of time crunch. If sweet spot low volume is still too much of a time commitment, then go for the time crunch plans.

Good luck and have fun!


Just a guess, but I bet there is a cyclical nature to trainining no matter how hard or easy you make it. When work or life stress affect our abilities to put out TSS, I doubt we’ll ever find a steady state (which I think is your real question).

I don’t have much science to base this on, just personal experience and observation of others.

So, whether you label it time crunch 30-45 or whatever, you’ll likely end up seeing seasons in your schedule whether you expect it or not.

Another option is doing the sweet sport base plans and substituting the 30 or 45 min versions of those plans.

I went through the 45 min plan last year and it really mixes things up… kind of like a get real build plan… but it was more of a maintenance thing really. I’d progress through the BBS cycle and if time is an issue just swap in the minus versions of the workouts


Thanks brother

Hey Guys. Do you think the time crunch 45min would be a good option as a maintenance plan? I just did my A race last week and i’m looking for something to fill the gap before my next cycle. I like how these plans are intense and short so it thought it would be a good way to maintain fitness without having to spend too long on the trainer.

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I’m using the 30 minute sessions for maintenance. I believe that Coach Chad has mentioned this on the Podcast. Your overall fitness/FTP may not increase but these workouts will keep you sharp.

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Be aware that they will keep you sharp for a limited time. So mixing it up with a LV SSB can keep you kinda on the same FTP

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You sound like you have similar goals to me. As I’m retired I have the luxury of being able to cycle anything up to 20 or so hours a week. I little while ago I concentrated on basically MAF (very low intensity) long rides for about 18 months and my base and fat burning increased markedly. I now try and polarise my riding with my intensity coming from 2 group rides every week - One basically Sweet Spot/Threshold (Hills) and the other VO2 max and sprints (Flat). the rest of the time I ride slow and easy. One of the advantages of this approach for me is that I can ride slowly with friends who aren’t as obsessed/fit as me and I now don’t get frustrated or shoot off into the distance. If I didn’t have the time though I don’t really know how I would structure my riding.

Thanks guys, i’ll start it today and see how it goes. I’m starting a full IM training plan next month so i just need to fill this gap and i like the idea of having a mental brake from staying long time on the trainer - i just hope i can keep up with the intensity. Most workouts are .9 IF and that’s scary, even for short duration :scream:

Hi @Bestevaer,

One question, since I’m new to structured training I’ve been doing time crunch 30 MV (5x30’ week) as a preparation for SSB.

Now I feel ready to jump into SSB 1, and was wondering if it will be a step up or not, since both have about the same TSS and hours/week.

Any thoughs?

I think Chad recommends just getting stuck into SSB. The hardest problem for you might be getting your backside used to 60 & 90 minute workouts :laughing: It took me a while.

SSB is much more steady state work than the time crunched plans. The usual recommendation is to do the Low Volume plan, you can always add workouts if you feel the need. Better this way than doing the Mid Volume and failing or skipping workouts.

Thanks bobw!

That is exactly what I was thinking, jumping into SSB from zero would have been too much (specially the 90 minute workouts!)

That is why I chose 5x30, but now I need to transition to SSB. Now I was just thinking how it would be different to train the same total time per week, but in fewer sessions.

A step up I don’t know. But the intensity will change from more high intensity workouts to more sustained power workouts. So it could feel pretty hard at the start of SSB1. Don’t panic and adjust your intensity slightly. And get a good fan to cool yourself.

I notice that cooling during SS, TH and OU’s is very important. More so then with (shorter) VO2max sessions.

Good luck!