Thoughts on data breakdown

Yes the decay is slow and only kicks in if your training load has decreased over the last couple of weeks. The assumption is that if you are doing the same level of training your FTP is not likely to have dropped.

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In the end times we are currently living in there aren’t races. As such I’m not often out doing maximum efforts. This has resulted in my eFTP always being lower than the FTP I am training at and using for TSS calculations. I also would like an option that let me specify whether to use my manually set FTP or my eFTP as the displayed value

Thanks again - if I’d tapped the eFTP figure in the Fitness screen I would have seen the perfectly clear explanation that you’d already provided :ok_hand::wink:

I hate testing, but I can motivate myself to smash out some outdoor efforts every now and then - so interested to see how eFTP from that tracks to the feel of some longer SS/Threshold TR workouts.

Question here regarding data sources - is there any hope of being able to use trainerroad or trainingpeaks as a data source at some point in the future? Does trainerroad even provide such an API? I dislike being dependent on Strava as a essential intermediary between various services I use.

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I am working on separating from Strava at the moment. Initially you will be able to use Garmin Connect or manually upload .fit files. Integration with TP is not likely but TR integration is a possibility.


Thanks David - I really like what you have put together and don’t want to be left stranded when Strava makes more changes with little or no notice.


Some of the charts only make sense when you’ve collected power data over a long period of time, but still i’m not quite sure how to read the ‘intervals’ page. How are people using this to compare / identify something, and perform some kind of action based on what the graph is showing?

For example - anaerobic intervals in the chart below. The only takeaway I can see is that the events shown include no TrainerRoad workouts (!) So i’m racing for 4hrs going well over 150% of FTP many times, but not training that at all. Hmmm.

I’ve done Sustained power build and XC marathon specialty, then race on dirt and… the results show that race exertions are spiky as hell, and i’m not training it.

Any other takeaways, comments or ideas on how people are or can use this chart?

I was doing torque intervals earlier this year and I used it to plot the improvement in each set. But that page was one of the first and could definitely do with some work!