Website for analysing power data

I have just got a Kickr core which is the first experience I have of getting power data. I am thinking of getting Stages for when I ride outside also

I currently have Garmin Connect and Strava for reviewing rides. Do people have any other recommendations for analysing power data? Training peaks etc seems to be mentioned a lot?




I’ve used WKO4 and tried Golden Cheetah but is the best, especially for a beginner, and it’s free. It is far less complicated than WKO or GC and looks better too. also has a forum like this one to help you along the way.


Thanks very much for advice

Are you a TrainerRoad user as well? I’d start with TR and ignore the others.

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Is there a good video that goes over everything on It looks super confusing and I don’t even know what half of the stuff means

^ thats why I claim someone is better off getting starting with TrainerRoad for analysis. Intervals has taken a lot of fancy stuff from TrainingPeaks/GoldenCheetah/WKO and put it on the web. Nicely done but just too much for someone getting started.

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I probably shouldn’t even use it. All I wanna do is ride my bike fast for fun

Analyzing power data requires learning how and more importantly understanding why and when to use certain tools. You don’t need anything fancy to get faster. The simple zone highlighting in TrainerRoad’s web interface is a powerful enough tool for most of my workouts/rides.

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Good stuff. Their stuff definitely looks more in depth for a racer trying to get their peak performance for a race, but for Strava hunting I think I’ll be ok without it for now

By chance I got faster sticking with the basics (consistency and volume) plus doing Strava hunting (happened to be ~1-min efforts), back in the 2016-2017 season.

I’m a numbers geek and have really gotten into data analysis to feed a few fundamental decisions while self-coaching, but its mostly entertainment to feed my inner geek.

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Unfortunately no video. Most things are clickable and will provide a link to a blog post or similar explaining the concept. If you are following a plan just do that and look at the rankings on the /power page to see how you are doing. You should move up the charts quite quickly if you are just starting out.

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