Switching from Training Peaks Premium to Intervals.icu

I’m considering not renewing my TP Premium subscription and using Intervals.icu instead. I looked that the list of paid TP features and I think Intervals.icu does it all. I have MyFitnessPal connected to TP, but I think that would still work on a basic TP account. I also found the thread and software to export my TP workout libraries to Intervals.icu.

For those that have made a similar switch, is there anything you miss from TrainingPeaks? Any lessons learned?

Since intervals is free you can just use it for a while and see what you miss from TP

I pay for both. I like a lot of what both systems do, but I don’t find either to be a perfect replacement for the other (for the way I use them). I kind of think of them as Apple vs. Android where TP has a limited set, but is simple and “just works”, whereas Intervals lets you do so many additional things, but requires more work from the user. Obviously, YMMV, and if I was willing to put more time into learning how to use Intervals, I may change my mind.


I really liked the Training Peaks app and since the bulk of my riding is to and from work I liked to be able to look on my phone when I was tracking power/hr numbers and the like. I just don’t ride like that anymore so I don’t use Training Peaks at all, but yeah I liked the app (familiarity).

Intervals is a great tool and it’s a one-man shop (or it used to be…not sure if it still is) and you can “support” their work for less than you spend on your TP subscription. Doesn’t work as well on the phone for me.

6 of one half dozen of the other IMHO


I’m thinking the same, switching to free TP for archiving and WKO sync. However there is 1 remaining feature stopping me from making the switch:

assuming syncing target power & cadence is working.

On the forum there are some workout migration tools, I have large libraries of workouts and a small collection of plans that I use and modify.

There are minor annoyances with both TP Premium and Intervals, however overall Intervals has come a long way and I’m about ready to invest the time to move workouts/plans and pay for it.


yes, this is working.

There is a free tool (tp2intervals, or something like that) and a thread on the Intervals forum. It works well. I’ll post a link when I find it.

EDIT: found it!

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Yup. You forgot to quote the preface :wink:


Yep, same here

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