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Just wanted to use this forum to give a huge shout out to Like many TR users I guess, I’m a data nerd and the site does a brilliant job of visualising and making data accessible. I’m in my third year of TR this year and I’m finding the ‘compare’ function to compare things like eFTP/kg per stage in season a huge motivator to see how I’m progressing. To be able to see where I land on the normal distribution for different power intervals, and how that’s changed over seasons, is super interesting also. I’m now often checking for a mail after a ride to see if I got the little well done notification on setting a new season PR.

Congrats to David (who I know posts here) on building something so impressive and useful and thanks again.


yes, really remarkable work, i canceled my TP Premium and support them now and it is nice to see how fast they implement new and good things!

7 Likes is great. I use WKO as well, but intervals is my go-to for most analytics.

Make sure if you like it to support the cause - become a supporter!

As a data nerd also, I know how important it is to try and not place too much self worth in the numbers, as difficult as it may be at times with the overwhelming availability of data in cycling nowadays… use them as a means to an end :slight_smile:


I get more usuable data out of than any other platform tbh. The analysis and data tools are notably better than any of their paid competitors.

I’m a certifiable tightarse, so it says a lot that it’s the only ‘free’ website that I support with donations for no extra features.


The only constant across all the different cycling forums is the love for :slightly_smiling_face:


Ditto on his great work and I am a paying supporter because of it. The pace of improvements boggles my mind. The width and depth of features he fits in seems to surpass many other options now and it seems poised to be a leader if it’s not already there.

  • The mere inclusion of local weather (temps & winds) on the calendar is not something I would have ever thought to request, but is SO darn handy. This and so many other examples are reasons I am happy to support with $.

It’s appealing in particular if you use it for free. I periodically use intervals and unfortunately it doesn’t detect some intervals, and switching to laps doesn’t always work. Tried using intervals on last weekend’s workouts and it was an exercise in frustration. Being totally honest and not exaggerating. I’m a data nerd with an engineering degree and minor in math.

Post (outside) workout I’m still getting better quick summaries from Strava mobile and TrainingPeaks mobile apps on iPhone. Deep dives in WKO where I’ve customized the dashboards and charts.

I do nearly all my workouts outside and record on a Garmin 530.

Do you have smart recording enabled?

It’s not great with my Garmin devices unless I turn off Smart Recording and set to 1 second.

1-sec recording and auto-pause is disabled. If I stop for 20 minutes you can see my HR while stopped. Everything is recorded, from leaving my driveway until the ride is over.

What do you use in the comparison or analysis parts of it to look at the data?

I’ve been using intervals for ages but only really look at the data or single workouts.

Replied to David and posted issues over here:

I’ve been really digging the compare function. Here’s a couple showing estimatedFTP/kg and eFTP.

I find it really nice to compare progress across seasons

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