Thoughts on a podcast challenge

I’d like the boys to do a triathlon, so here’s the challenge I’m throwing around in my head.

We do a full Ironman. Rules are:

  • You can’t start “tri training” until 6 months before the event.
  • You can’t do a triathlon before the main event
  • You can do standalone events before the main event. I.e. open water swims, TTs and half/full marathons

This obviously gives me an advantage since I used to do triathlons; this is by design :wink:.

I like the 6 month time frame because then we can just focus and get it done. The guys will also be able to experience what it’s like to do an Ironman.

I’m thinking this could be after cape epic (so a while still).

What do you think? Any ideas which Ironman we should do?


Many of your listeners are not that interested in tri. It sounds a good idea in principal but I would be concerned that you went overboard as you did for the TT race.


I’d think that a 70.3 late spring/early summer followed by a later full would be a better choice. It would allow for course correction by Chad and Jonathan (and you Nate as well), but also give you plenty of opportunity to kick their butts twice!

Plus, any needed revisions for the longer race based on experiences from the 1/2 would make for more podcast material.


Personally not too interested in tri, but I would certainly watch for the LOLs :slight_smile:


The only concern I’d have is the running part. It can take more than 6 months to get the body adjusted to the pounding associated with running, and particularly for a marathon. But I do think the 6-month limit would be good from a podcast-content perspective.

Also, for people who will say that not everyone is interested in Triathlon, I’d just say that this is how the TR podcast works: Nate/Chad/Jonathan go all in for something. For awhile it was CX, then it was TT, recently it’s been a bit scattered but a lot of focus on road racing… there was the whole Leadville thing… It’s just how they focus on something to create content. I think there are a lot of triathletes who use TR and listen to the podcast. (I am not one of them. I also have no interest in doing Leadville.) I’d love for them to try track, but there isn’t one near Reno.


Do it!

I think a lot of roadies and TT’ers do also wonder how they’d do at Tri at some point, especially once they get good fitness - will my fitness carry over onto the run and swim? Can my 4w/kg and up give me enough of an advantage to compensate for my doggy paddle?

Keeping the podcasts fresh must be hard as hell. This sort of thing is brilliant not just for us but for you guys doing it. Nothing more motivating that committing in front of a crowd.

After this, Mt. Everest or something. Why should cyclists be so limited, lets see what else we can do with the suffering we’ve been through (okay maybe Everest is a bit controversial at the moment).


as a TR user and podcast listener, I have zero interest in triathlons. Challenge idea is interesting and I am sure some would enjoy listening. For me personally, I would most likely skip over podcast segments talking about the tri challenge, or not download the podcast at all if it’s heavily focused. Regardless, good luck!


LOL way to stack it in your favour.
I’d say that a 70.3 might be a better distance (although maybe if you all do a full distance - PENTICTON!! - I’ll finally do one too) and that not being able to do a triathlon before the event is rather harsh.


You need to include Brandon.


Aren’t there off-road tris? Would even it out a bit.

On another note, surely that means the swim and run integration is just around the corner…have to showcast the new features. :grin:


No interest in Tri.

Only interest is what makes me faster on a road bike


It wouldn’t be much of a challenge of Brandon was in the competition.

Personally, I think instead of an Ironman, it should be a shorter distance, either olympic or half-Iron.

But the triathlete have long since suffered through road and mtb podcasts, so I think its time they get their due!


Doesn’t make sense not to do other triathlon events on the way other than to skew it in your favour Flies in the face of good practice, especially leading up to an IM. You guys should be promoting good approaches to training, not an IM or broke style approach.

I also think it’s well worth looking at iron distance races outwith the IM brand.

Other than that I love the idea and would follow it closely.


I think a 70.3 is more comparable to the other purely bike events you’ve done in terms of duration, and a 56 mile time trial is plenty long. I also think doing a sprint beforehand is fair just to experience transition. You wouldn’t go to Leadville as your first race on a mountain bike.

And I’d echo what someone else said about the risk of injury from jumping into running being higher; I know @chad has done some half marathons (maybe marathons?), but there’s no educational or entertainment value in watching @Jonathan run too far too quickly.


What if you added a charity element to the challenge? Maybe a bike safety advocacy group?

I get the impression that Chad and Jonathan are maybe less eager to take up the challenge. Adding in a little extra incentive with raising funds/awareness for a cause might give them a little extra motivation?

Just a thought!

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No to the Ironman full length. Too long. Too much work for Chad and Jonathan to enjoy the event. ESP given how neither swim and Jonathan does not run.

How about an Olympic or 70.3 if you want road? Though w all the mtb you 3 have done, an off-road would be a great option. As one that does those races, they are short enough to not need a year of training, but long enough to get the experience. Get them hooked first!


I’d love to listen to it and follow the progress, but…

There’s no way I could ever recommend an Ironman distance race to someone I like or respect if they didn’t already have some solid Tri background. It’s a surefire route to injury!

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Don’t see benefit of iron man personally- why bother with level of commitment needed and potential injury risk if not serious triathelete. However Olympic distance seems good call

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I’ve been told Arizona in November is a beginner friendly flat/fast course.

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From a health/safety perspectively, I wouldn’t try going 0 to full IM in 6 months without any allowances for any standalone or warm-up events.

An open water swim is a beast of it’s own; I don’t recommend that anyone jump into a long course race without having prior gotten acquainted to the experience of swimming in a vast expanse of water with poor visibility and bodies thrashing around you. Especially if you will be in wetsuits, that’s not the kind of thing you want to experience for the first time on race morning. Though I guess according to the rules you could still go out and practice OWS on your own, it’s still can’t fully prepare you for the panic some people experience when combined with race adrenaline.

The other concern that’s been brought up already is the injury risk associated with building up run volume. Not sure what everyone’s run background is, but while it’s theoretically possible to build up to a marathon in that timeframe, it seems like that’s definitely pushing it for anyone starting from zero. (Disclaimer: I’ve never run a marathon).

I think a 70.3 would be much more realistic in that timeframe. And you could all have more fun with it and hate yourselves less.