Can we get a show about bikepacking?


There are so many of us that participate in races other than cross, crit and stage. I would welcome a show with a guest from our part of cycling.


I second this. Although I have never once done any bikepacking, my friend and I have discussed going to Moab or other place and just do the guided bike packing. So I would need the complete newb guide to bikepacking podcast.

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I used to regularly go bike packing in Northumberland and the Lakedistrict. A great side to our sport that is often forgotten

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I assume you mean Unsupported Endurance Racing like Trans Am/Trans Continental.

Would be great to have a guest talk about their training for these events etc.


2 amazing races

I’m a Trans Am Bike Race veteran planning to do more races like this. I used a private coach to get ready for it but I used Trainer Road to prep for the Tour Divide.


Would be best if the team were to do a bike packing trip and we could listen to them geek out about it.


What plan sequence did you used for this?

Yes, would love to listen to this show!

Training to break the CTR course record this year. Nearly got it last year in an ITT but went into a sleep deprived daze only 25 miles from the end after 3.5 days on 4hrs of sleep. Lost a couple hours of memory and went through some terrifying cycles of waking up and not knowing where I was, and then trying to warm myself up…and then waking up again.

Would be great to hear Chad talk about science behind training methods for ultra endurance. How much structure vs how much simple time on bike at an endurance pace. What’s the theoretical limit to productive hours per week given a huge base? How much time should you really spend above LT in a week if you’re doing 25-30hrs a week? Or is it actually better to train less and do more intensity and structure in 15-20hrs? What would an ideal training block look like 6-8 weeks out? Can you train for sleep deprivation at all, and is that even a good idea? What’s the best ‘race type’ to put in calendar for the custom training plan?

Do it TR!

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