The TR Crew Should Take on Mt. Washington

We’ve all enjoyed listening to the podcast crew plan for Leadville, Cape Epic, the TBD Ironman, etc. I think it’s time they think about taking on the Mt. Washington Climb. I realize Amber isn’t a full-time podcast presenter, but she is pseudo-local to the event. It’d be great to hear Nate geeking out to create a custom climbing machine.


Yes, this!

Speaking of which…filed under Ross Edgley’s “naive enough to start, stubborn enough to finish” I signed up for this and am SCARED!!! Im 50 only bee nseriously biking/tri training for a few years. Im around 71kg with an FTP in the 250s. Im training for a half tri in June then in will be predominately bike training. Any thoughts on the right 8 week plan? An FTP / FTP/Kg I should be shooting for (outside of "as high as possible)?


I signed up too. Training and racing triathlons all summer then taking my my fitness up mt Washington, no special bike training.

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I’ve signed up to climb the rockpile this year too! I added this as my ‘A’ event and let plan builder do the rest.

Good luck with your training and see ya out there!

Mt. Washington is a true beast, no other climb like it but it is great. Climbed it last year 3x and I love it, there is almost no way I see myself not going back in the next year or 2