Podcast idea ft Kona qualifier

Sorry if there is already a post for ideas, I did search and couldn’t see anything.

Following Kona this year I would like to see a rider profile of someone trying to qualify for Kona for the first time and then see they get on throughout the year.
Episode 1 before christmas we hear about them, where they have come from, what their plans are for the year ect.
Episode 2 just before their qualifying race discussing their trianing and race day plans
Episode 3 a review of qualifying and what they will change before Kona
Episode 4 in Kona as you normally do
Episode 5 post Kona and what they learned


Thanks so much for the suggestion @Simo429! This could be a really interesting segment I think.

I will pass this onto the Podcast Team :+1:

What do you want to see? I have 3 years of Kona.

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Age group and gender, qualifying race, race splits, coached or following a plan, if so TR plan, typical training volume, FTP/kg for starters??

This is great except I would like to see it with a Maui qualifier as well. Maui is the Xterra world championship.

W/kg 4.3 to 4.5
2017 Qualified at IM Bolton England 10th Overall
AG 35-39

  1. Qualified in Hawaii 17 :sweat_smile:

2019 Qualified IM Cork Ireland 16th Overall
AG 35 39

2017 Half IM plan to build then Mid Vol Plan. Added bikd racing

2018 Full plan high Vol

2019 Full plan High Vol.

Look up races above for the splits.
Mostly followed plans
Did weights, Pilates
Almost qualified twice before TR Followed fink plan and books before TR.
Kona 19 will be my 10th Ironman.