Sync issues with Garmin

Have sync problem of my outdoor training from Garmin to TR.
It worked one time and stopped to sync for some reason…
Tried to reconnect, to re-authorize, disconnect and delete all data and then to reconnect TR back to Garmin. Didn’t help.
Any tips to resolve it would appreciate.

Looking for Live Support Chat but it stills unavailable.
What are their regular working hours?

The team is here and available to help! Chat is live, or you can email in at anytime. They’ll sort you out, sorry for the trouble!

Went through that recently too. TR Support will help you get going again eventually.

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I contacted support and the issue was figured out.

Root cause was my misunderstanding of the sync mechanics in TR.
I’m on tri plan and I thought it should sync all of my activities from Garmin, including runs and swims. But it doesn’t and, according to support’s explanation, shouldn’t.

For the case it will help someone else… :
TR takes from Garmin/Strava only bike activities and only as a result of outdoor activity.
All other kind of activates in your plan should be marked as “completed” manually.

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Just to clarify, I record with Garmin only. All my indoor and outdoor rides sync to TR.

For indoor I’m using “Indoor” profile and TrainingPeaks/WKO/GarminConnect correctly mark the ride as indoor. But TrainerRoad shows it as outdoor as seen here: