How to setup sync correctly (TR, Garmin, Strava, Peloton, SyncMyWorkout, ...)?


I just started using TR and I am not sure how to set up the syncronizing between all those devices and apps.
Old setup has been:
Outdoor: Bikes with Garmin cadence and speed sensors paired with Garmin Smartwatch that was delivering the HR and sending all workouts to Garmin Connect and Strava.
Indoor: Peloton bike paired with Garmin Smartwatch for HR. Peloton was syncronizing to Strava and the Smartwatch was recording the ride to Garmin. Then was doing some magic to combine those two entries to get all the data in just one ride inside of Garmin Connect.

Because this was working fine I decided to make it more complicated by ordering a Stages Bike and mixing in TrainerRoad. :grimacing:
Now I would like to record my rides on the Stages to Garmin Connect (and maybe Strava if possible) too, but I am not sure how to set up TR and the Smartwatch correctly so that only one activity with all of the available data will be logged. There are just too many pairing and syncing possibilites and too little experience with open smart trainer systems to wrap my brain around it.

Thank you for any ideas in advance!

Welcome to TrainerRoad, @Mandorallen!!

Don’t sweat! This is not as complicated as it may seem!

Once you have set up RideSync in TrainerRoad, your workouts will sync from TrainerRoad to Garmin Connect and Strava and vice versa. Check out these articles to learn how to set up RideSync with each app:

Syncing Outside workouts:
Once you have set up Ride Sync, your Outside ride data will sync to TrainerRoad via Garmin Connect or Strava since all of your data is being recorded on your Garmin watch.

Inside Workouts:
We don’t recommend recording your workouts on your Garmin watch/ headunit while you are doing inside TrainerRoad workouts.If your devices (Stages bike and heart rate monitor) are paired to the TrainerRoad app, we will record and report your data in the TrainerRoad app directly from your devices. Once you are set up to sync to Strava and Garmin Connect via RideSync, this workout data will then sync back to Strava and Garmin Connect so that the information is saved there too.

Check out this article: How to Pair Your Devices.

Once you have set up RideSync, syncing will be seamless and require no extra effort from yourself! All of your data will be saved on each of those platforms!

Thank you @SarahLaverty!
This is just working fine! As Shakespeare said: Sometimes, less is more. :slight_smile:
Now there is just one more thing to do: Getting faster!

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I have some trouble to sync my finished workout from Trainer Road to Garmin/Strava.
I connect everything, and my 1st FTP test was sync correctly. But in my second training, I changed the duration from 1h to another shorter Sprint of 30 mins, then nothing was sync.
I tried to reconnect many times with Garmin Connect, refreshed Garmin …etc… But it still doesn’t work. My finished workout only appear in TR app.
What should I do ?