TR doesn't sync inside workouts

Hello guys, I’ve just re-join to TR training plans in order to improve my fitness on smart trainer during winter but I’ve got a big issue, maybe someone can help me.

I’ve created my training plan with TR, I’ve authorized sync on Garmin Connect but I can find scheduled workouts on Gamin calendar nor training on workout section.
During the first lockdown here in Italy I’ve followed the same procedures and all my workout was perfectly syncronized with my Garmin 1030.

I’ve also tried to push manually workout on Garmin but I only can push it if I select “Outside” option.

Hope to fix this so I can start to enjoy TR once again

As I understand it, only outdoor workouts are meant to be sent to your Garmin. This might be a good question for support if you’ve lost functionality you had before.

Yes, only outdoor workouts sync.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
I’ve read the guide but this is the procedure for pushing outside workouts on the head unit but, infact is on the Outside chapter.

Is not mentioned that only outside workouts can but sync on Garmin.

I’ll try to write to the support, thanks for the tips!