Swims in AM and Bike/Run in PM?

Do the order of workouts matter when you have 2 a days? I notice TR schedules the bike or run before the swim. I typically swim in the morning for time considerations, but wondering if it makes a difference at all or personal preference.


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General theory in cycling is hard first easy second. Most triathletes pro/amateur swim in the morning and do whatever after. That’s usually when swim squads are on, plus its much less physically demanding compared to a hard bike or run

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Really depends on pool availability. At least around here, most masters swim times are early morning.

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Yep, as @critpig and @Jolyzara mentioned, it’s generally good to get your harder session out of the way first if that’s possible, but it will ultimately depend on your pool availability/when you can swim.

If you currently swim in the morning for time considerations, I’d say there’s no need to change it if that’s what works best for you right now!

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Thanks all, appreciate the feedback. What I’m hearing is doesn’t really matter however you can fit the sessions in your schedule conveniently. But better to do the “hard” session first.

As a long term triathlete I’m going to say the advice given to you is inappropriate.

Swim first.

Bike or run later.

It’s not about intensity. Anyone who says otherwise is better isn’t swimming properly or enough, and/or has never cramped in the pool. :slight_smile:

Trust me on this!