Estimating TSS for non-TR workouts

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for the calendar functionality, it looks like it’s going to be a great platform to manage all of my training (not just the Trainer Road workouts). I heard @Nate mention on the podcast that gym based strength sessions are recorded in the calendar too, do you estimate the TSS for these, and if so how? At least half of my weekly training load is from non Trainer Road sessions so tracking them in the calendar seems like a great way to get a better view on my total training stress, but i’m not sure how i should be estimating the stress of say a 40min strength workout with a barbell where there may be 2mins rest between sets, or say a 30min kettlebell conditioning workout.

Interested to hear whether anyone else is recording this yet and how they’re estimating TSS.


I had exactly the same question (but unfortunately no answers :-)…also wondering about other activities too like lift-service alpine skiing vs. lift-service telemarking vs. backcountry telemarking. Obviously exertion plays a big part but having some sort of informed approach to determining a ballpark number would be great.

Across all activities I’m curious of the potential negative impact on your overall training. If you’re accumulating this other TSS on rest days does it inhibit your recovery and progress?

TSS is designed for Endurance Athletes.

It was design by the guys over at TrainingPeaks:

Thanks for the response @jembow. I’m sure not all my training helps to make me a faster cyclist, but that’s not the be all and end all for me. I only do a few events a year and can be as fast as i need to be for them on minimal training (god bless low volume plans :slight_smile: I enjoy the other workouts and try to be a good all round athlete ( i do trail runs and OCR too) so focus on other stuff throughout the year as my off-season is pretty long.

For my outdoor runs I can get a TSS estimate by putting in the duration and an RPE in the run entry in the calendar, but I was wondering if I could get a better idea of the TSS of a run from Strava/Garmin Connect as I habitually wear a heart rate monitor and they give me their own metrics.

Since TSS is a TrainingPeaks thing, maybe if I integrate with that I can get TSS from syncing there? Feels like I’d have my workouts posted in four different places though :rofl:

I am wondering for this estimation function if there could be some way of doing the same rides automatically. Each day I have a 6km commute to work on my MTB which does not have a PM. Instead of manually doing it every time is there a way to do it automatically?

So the Trainingpeaks free accounts gives me hrTSS, rTSS (which presumably is based of run pace) and TSS for bike workouts with a power meter, but the estimates / values differ a fair bit:

  1. TR gives me 209 for a recent hard outdoor ride with power, TP 185… not quite close enough
  2. For a recent TR workout the split is 68/66 [TR/TP], or close enough.
  3. However for runs the story is very different:
    I did 4 sets of 5 minutes at threshold today, with 90s in between and a 10 minute warm up, a standard Garmin Connect workout. Overall 36 minutes, which as an overall estimate I’d probably put in as Tempo (34) or Uncomfortable (38) in the TR calendar, an estimate I’d share, as there is a fair bit of rest and low intensity and I won’t be feeling too much of this tomorrow. TP however gives me a whooping 63 for that very run today, based off of running pace rather than HR.

So, which is closer to the actual training load? Looking over my history in TP all runs are about twice as much as I estimate in my TR calendar, which over a week is a different of 3 figures minimum… easily 200+ if I can get a proper long run in.