Calendar & swim and run estimates

Love the calendar feature and I’m looking forward to seeing how TR moves this along. I’ve been using the calendar to capture non-TR workouts, including rides and runs and swims. My questions are about the estimated (“assumed”?) time for swim workouts and TSS for run workouts.

First, when I enter the distance for a swim (for example, my last two swims were 5,468yds and 3,035yds… I swim in a 25m pool), an estimated time is populated (1:49:21 and 1:00:42, respectively). The actual times were 1:19:35 and 40:55. While it makes me feel special to reduce the calendar “assumption” by 30min or 20min, respectively, I’m curious if TR is using my data or a default global pace (average of all users, perhaps, considering @Nate_Pearson acknowledges on the podcast that trends, averages, etc are analyzed)?

Second, on runs, I always need to up the TSS. For example, TrainingPeaks reported the TSS for a short and easy trail run yesterday after a Ramp Test of 3.3 miles was 86 (time: 31:59; elev: 315; IF: 1.28 !). This caused me to look at TP’s zones – I was certainly not running 1.28 IF – and I find TP thinks I ran at/above LT the whole time. Ultimately, this is the same question as above: how does TR estimate the TSS for a run workout? Do I need to update some table, like I clearly do in TP, to make TR’s calendar more accurate?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

I’m sure this has been asked and answered before, but I couldn’t find it (likely due to user error).