Sweet Spot Entertainment (Videos, Training Winter 2018/2019)

Any recommendations for shows to watch? I’m thinking about trying the PS4 during the trainer but am worried I’ll need to buy aero bars for that and I’m not sure if I’m ready to be that aero!

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Typically I pull from the BBC detective shows. I am all about the hulu or netflix binge. Nothing too good, because I find I need some concentration for the workout.


I agree I don’t want to “waste” a good show when I’m not paying great attention…and while I did love in the UK (Devon) for a few years it’s been a while since I’ve seen a BBC show (apart from top gear, which actually might be ok) what are the good detective shows now?

I like to binge on Netflix. Just anything to hold your attention but doesn’t take all of you attention, you need some of that to suffer.


Ozark on Netflix. Only a few episodes in but have heard great things.


Luther, Line of Duty, Happy Valley, Shetland, Broadchurch (but that might be too good to watch during a workout), The Fall (also a little too good), and River. Hope that helps pass the time! Zwift has also helped me pass the time, just FYI.


Thanks! I’m excited to try those out, and I must admit rewatching top gear reruns has me a bit excited too! I also use Zwift which is entertaining but when it’s tied to a TR workout the sprints and PRs don’t mean as much, or trying to beat a friends time around insbruk doesn’t really happen when you’re doing a sweet spot workout, oh and I occasionally have Zwift and TR fight for control of the trainer which always upsets me!

HBO sub; work your way through GoT, sopranos, the wire, band of brothers, etc.


Grantchester and Endeavor are really good.

I’ve watched Daredevil twice, all of The Walking Dead once, and The Punisher five times…I really like watching crap that I love but have seen before so it’s no big deal when I have to bury my head and miss something.


“Eat. Race. Win.” on Amazon Prime is a good one for the trainer. As is the mini series on the All Blacks (rugby). Basically anything with professional athletes will keep me focused.


I always watch something I’ve seen before, because even with sweet spot training, there’s a lot of distraction. I like The Office or Parks and Rec. Or I’ll throw on a random Game of Thrones. Pulling up a random crit on YouTube is always fun too.

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You could try Road Kill, it’s on YouTube and Netflix (at least here in the Netherlands).
It’s an American show where they get old cars and make them into hot rods or different type of muscle cars.

But it’s not like American Chopper or West Coast Customs, just a lot less scripted/directed .
It’s just easy entertainment, no need to really concentrate on what they are saying or doing.

Need to split a console controller and retrofit it to the hoods/levers…

The higher the intensity the more actual interest/**** I need to give about what it is I’m watching.

Usually it’s a bit of catch-up TV, movies, GCN or anything else.

At the minute I’m on Brooklyn 99 which isn’t taxing


I generally work through YouTube - Mostly GCN channels, when the session gets tough I switch from videos to music as I find this helps take my mind off the pain better

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Ozarks, Queen of the South, Ray Donovan, Frontier, Yellowstone, Narcos. I highly recommend any and all of these.

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I like to watch bike races on Prime or Youtube.
Track events are really nice for sweet spot work, there is always action going on :slight_smile:

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@TFischer: Are you referring to Amazon Prime, or a different Prime? Always looking for more ways to stream old races!

If you are a Marvel Fan… Try going through the Marvel Universe… I bet it has enough hours to complete two full plans.

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