What does everyone watch while training indoors

what is everyone watching while training indoors? do you just watch your numbers? old stages of the tour?

also what are you watching it on? iam struggling to find stuff on youtube

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Check out this thread

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I’m currently only watching the numbers on my laptop. This seems to be helping me with focus and my mental toughness. Other times I just used to watch random Youtube videos, TrainerRoad videos, or concerts.


The ask a cycling coach podcast of course :wink:

Or just listening to other podcasts.

Or watching TV shows… there are so many!

I watch my avatar on Zwift, last few nights I’ve been doing the Tour of New York whilst doing a workout… its very good distraction… Got a 75 minute Worl ride tonight, will try and spot all the Watopia Halloween visuals :slight_smile:

When I’ve got Trainer road tough intervals I find climbing Alpe du Zwift helps, hard work and going up hill works for me… lots of leap frogging others doing intervals too!


i could never get into the zwift thing it always felt like a computer game or something like that.

i would normally have some music playing but thinking something to watch might make the time go much faster.

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Mainly YouTube concert videos for me.


I mainly listen to music. I have tried watching movies but its tough for me to pay attention to the movie because i always want to focus on keeping target power. I have found Snowmobile and freestyle MX videos are a little better since they always have sound tracks
with heavy metal music. I have a dumb trainer. Might be different if i had a smart trainer.

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I’m New to TR so at first I was watching Zwift at the same time. That started to seem pointless mindlessly watching my Avatar pedal in VR, so now I’m binge watching The Walking Dead and I’m really enjoying my rides. Once I get into Vo2 work it will be music for me. Thinking of pulling the plug on Zwift while I bring back training structure. If you’re not careful Zwift sucks you into to much of the same riding and you miss the structure of training.

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while I do keep a close eye on the numbers, sometimes more than I care too, I will either watch some racing (currently finishing up the Tour of Turkey), listen to a podcast with racing video on w/no sound or cue up some youtubes.

The key with the racing video is to try and time the end of the race to the ending of the last interval. The excitement of the final km’s helps out mentally with the workload.


I like to watch bike racing for encouragement. I have my DVR set to record “cycling” so I usually have a backlog of races and events from the big tours, world championships, cyclocross, one day events, etc.

Audiobooks. I initially tried watching TV/movies, but found that I didn’t pay attention (or even look at the screen much) during work intervals. I can follow and enjoy audiobooks through pretty much any TR workout (other than the last 2 minutes of a ramp test).

ive been watching the cyclocross as iam competing in cross at the minute but there is only a few full races available on you tube.

what other platforms are available were i could watch more races past and present?

would the eurosport player have these?

The walking dead or fear the walking dead…:wink:


I stare at a photo of Coach Chad for inspiration.

Jokes aside, i usually just have music on. If i’m really in the pain cave, I have my eyes shut anyway!


Only the numbers on the screen and listen to the ‚Get Fast‘ playlist on Spotify :ok_hand:t2:


All or nothing on A-Prime
All cycling related documentations on Netflix
Usually action movies my wife won’t watch with me :slight_smile:

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I stare at the TR screen, and listen to my spotify playlist of banging tunes. It’s my thinking time as much as my trraining time. I’d hate to ruin it with TV watching.


I find that Eurosport only has recent stuff, and tends to pull races pretty quickly. Or they’ll sub out the commentary version for the uninterrupted version with just on-camera noise. I’ve been going to Tiz-Cycling.racing to stream races while on the trainer.

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I’m going to start watching more Svenness I think. I’d forgotten about it until the other day, but it’s a good resource for post race analysis of (now) old races. Focuses mostly on how Sven Nys’ race went (as the name might suggest), and uses the most interesting sections of each race, decisive moves etc. I think they’re mostly about 20 minutes long. Subtitled as well so you can listen to music at the same time and still follow.


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