What does everyone watch while training indoors

Netflix/Prime series when doing workouts (those least intellectually demanding :P)
Old CX races when doing a Ramp test; I set it so that the race finish falls at around 20-21 minutes into the test :smiley:

Music on headphones and numbers on screen.

Training is my time to focus and hit the numbers. I wouldn’t be watching Netflix or Oprah out on the road so why would you want to do that indoors?
I find my mind can wander for a split second during an interval just long enough for my numbers to wander. TV is too much of a distraction, I wouldn’t be paying attention to it anyway…
Do you want to find out what happens on your favourite TV programme or actually become a faster cyclist…


cyclocross races as they last about 75m in duration and great motivation to keep going!

Road wars (UK), traffic cops etc. Weird but police car chases etc keep me motivated on the trainer. I have done many 3-6hr sessions over the years. It’s not my normal genre but what ever gets it done
Also like to watch CX or mountain bike racing

Thank you for this!!!

CYCLING GAMES on YouTube has cx and road races. Some stuff you’ll never see elsewhere.

All different kind of stuff depending on mood and workout. I use an AppleTV with all the native Apps. For easy stuff it is all Netflix and TV series, for the medium stuff either bike racing on YT or something cool on RedBullTV. When things get tough I only listen to music.

I’ve run dry on some content to watch/listen to on the trainer.

What are you enjoying on netflix/podcasts etc at the moment?

Aside from TDF that is!

Do you branch outside of cycling content for podcasts? What are you interests? The world of podcasts is wide and deep and you can get some great recommendations if you have any other interests and hobbies you can share.

I’ve started really enjoying the race videos from Trainerroad and NorCal Cycling when the efforts are hard and I need to see some motivation. If it’s hard workouts I won’t listen to commentary and instead will listen to music. Or I’ll put on a music video playlist on youtube.

I’m watching vegan cyclist videos, I enjoy his race breakdowns and video quality. I also enjoy Phil Gaimon’s worst retirement ever and NorCal Cycling. I love TR but the cognitive load when Chad does deep dives is too much for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was listening to this week’s podcast on Friday while doing 3x18 threshold intervals. As soon as Chad said, “going to do a deep dive”, I switched to a music playlist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Spotify playlists for the hard efforts, redbull xco, podcasts (TR, the move, Faster by flow) highlights etc for sweet spot, everything else Joe Rogan vegan cyclist, Phil gaiman.

Easier days I listen to the TR podcast, watch the move, NorCal cycling, Phil gaimon, velonews, also hot up the fasturdays podcast on their website (Pete Morris is a frequent guest). If its anything sweet spot and above, I usually have to do music. Once I’m at this level, I find hard to listen to and retain info from podcasts and videos. For music, it’s mostly Spotify playlists, my own YouTube workout playlist that I’m always adding to, and I kinda like velobeats on SoundCloud (it’s got some good long mixes for longer workouts). There is a thread in this forum for training playlists.

I was looking more for TV shows, as i gotta say its been a few years since i’ve logged into Netflix

Travelers on netflix is what I am currently watching and I am enjoying it very much.

Finished: stranger things, alias grace, big mouth, formula 1 drive to survive to name a few on netflix.

Repost to similar thread.

For the last few months I’ve been watching Suits while my trainings. I also love to watch Rokkr TV (installed it on my firestick following this instruction) cause it allows me to stream live TV from online sources. Sometimes i just listen some news, music or podcasts. in general anything but not silence. I find it very difficult to train and just stare at the numbers, wouldn’t make it for 10 minutes probably.

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Lately I’ve been experimenting on recording my outside rides on camera and using the footage on my indoor rides. There’s also YouTube videos of ride footage out there. For intervals though, I prefer race videos. Music always helps for all occasions.

I watch mostly bike races on Eurosport player or Youtube (last example London 2012 road cycling race, during couple of sessions)

Currently working my way through all the Marvel…