Best videos to watch whilst training

Whilst doing workouts, have people got some videos/youtube channels to watch whilst riding? Music is the go to for some workouts but others I’m happy to watch something cycling related- maybe even some races? I’ve been watching Vegan Cyclist, Francis Cade, Cameron Jeffers etc but wonered if there was anything else out there to watch?




Currently watching Narcos on Netflix. Not sure I’d find much motivation from pro cycling films, but perhaps self-supported bikepacking films would work.

Normally I have to switch to music for the last 1/3 of workouts with an IF >85!


Personal preference.
UCI xc and dh via redbull tv
uci cx



I’m catching up on Bojack Horseman right now.


Also, PUBG.

Yowamushi Pedal anime :smiley:

Thanks- for some reason the links didn’t show when creating the thread- apologies.

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No problem. Happens with subtle differences in terms.

I edited the other threads to include “videos” in the title, for better search linking.

Currently watching Vikings On Demand. Total 65 episodes. Should get me through most of the winter.


Just blazed through the first season of Brooklyn 99. I love the short episodes and it is super funny!

If you like MMA, a UFC event is a great way to get you through longer workouts, especially two hour sweet spot work.

I need to get back into Yawamushi!
Extremely cheesy but fun! :smiley:

this time of year its Dakar!! for sure eh?

RedBull Motorsports has a great YouTube channel for coverage.

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This guys videos are amazing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I tried to watch one time, but got bored :rofl:

I posted on this a little while ago and made a short list of other’s suggestions:

Hopefully it helps! Lots a pretty good suggestions here as well. I might update my original post so it’s included on my list as well.


Breaking Bad!

Sorry but this looks like a great place for me to put a shameless plug to my cycling vlog, haha. I’m basically just trying to capture my training, I started my vlog during my preparation for Leadville Trail 100 MTB last year and just kept it going since as I enjoy doing it!


I’ve taken to trying to do my weekend (2hr) rides along to premier league soccer, since the broadcast just about covers the time I’m on the bike.

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