Training Entertainment, Winter 2021/2022

The summer was glorious, now it’s getting darker and colder and it’s time for indoor entertainment. Got some great recommendations before, now looking for new input on Netflix, HBO, films for the 2021/2022 season… anything works.

Some that I enjoyed recently

  • Exit (Norwegian series)
  • White Lotus
  • Another Round
  • Parasite

Already on the list

  • Shutter island
  • Blues Brothers
  • Shawshank redemption
  • dive deeper into Marvel universe

Old input thread: Training Entertainment, Winter 2019/2020


Can’t wait to see Season 3 of the Movistar doc on Netflix. Lopez’s withdrawal should be…entertaining

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  1. Ted Lasso

  2. Ted Lasso

  3. Ted Lasso

I seriously did not want to give this show a try, but after I watched it and paid enough attention to catch the onslaught of sly quick jokes I was hooked. Plus the show is adorable and has some very mature plots lines and extremely well developed characters. Unlike Breaking Bad it doesn’t dwell on the same character flaws for wayyyyyy to long, which is the main reason I burn out on most modern dramas.


That’s a really good one.

For a fast paced, I would also appreciate recommendations. have you watched the punisher? It has its slow moments but overall quite fast.

similar reaction. Looked repulsive at first, then it grew on me. Had the same with The Morning Show on Apple TV.
Ted Lasso has a second series now and Wikipedia says a third is coming.

I also watched parts of Good Doctor recently. I like the themes of autism and breaking up norms within a team but overall it wasn’t vibing with me.

I found The Mandalorian on Disney + to be good for the trainer. Entertaining, relatively faced paced, and you don’t have to give it 100% focus to follow everything thats happening.

Also enjoyed the Woodstock '99 documentary on HBO.

I’ll also suggest Succession on HBO. Not super fast paced, but there’s enough tension and comedy in each episode to make you forget you’re on the trainer.

I’ve about exhausted my watch list for the winter already. And I’ve already seen most of the most popular titles on the various platforms. So if anyone has any other suggestions for faster paced shows/movies, I’m all ears!

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