Sweet Spot Entertainment (Videos, Training Winter 2018/2019)

Some of the Marvel series on Netflix do it for me when it’s sweet spot or tempo. When things get tougher I quite like to watch stand-up specials as they make the recovery sections feel fun but I don’t mind missing a few jokes when my eyes are falling out.

Oh sorry, I meant to say Eurosport Player.
(I had the Eurosport player via Amazon Prime…)

got a few links to start with this? thanks!

I watch a lot content on YouTube. For things like sweet spot and threshold work, I’ll watch bike races.


Best for me is watching any sports events (e.g. boxing matches, classic sports events)…HBO has sports events…

I find anything above Tempo and I can’t concentrate fully and I miss what’s happening in the show. So, Endurance rides I can watch show/movie, but Sweet Spot slow sports is my go-to (cycling/baseball/etc).

I’m currently watching Strike Back. It’s a British anti terrorist squad series thing like 24 but with more boobs. I’ve pedaled thru Vikings, Sopranos, the wire, justified, and the tick.

Sweet spot I like stuff on netflix (marvel stuff) since there are no commercials and new shows auto play so you don’t get caught annoyed with a commercial on something DVR’d in the middle of a hard section.

I’m going to try adding more Netflix etc as the weather gets worse this year. Normally I watch a lot of soccer, 45 minute halves with no commercials is great, ffwd 15 mins at the half and you’re ready again. I like cycling but nbc is constantly running commercials and I get tired of them.

Personally I struggle to keep focus on the show, the workout tends to require my mental and physical energy to push through. But I do watch the occasional B grade show or any ‘non-thinking’ mans movie, usually an action flick where it doesn’t challenge the grey matter.

Watch the crossfit games on Netflix… that should take your mind off being in pain :slight_smile:

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I struggle to focus on anything else at sweet spot. Even aerobic I am pretty distracted. I’ve been wondering if this is a skill you need to work on, the compartmentalisation of the pain and the ‘muscle memory’ of the effort required. Right now all I can do is listen to music.

Redbull TV and there is a pretty good podcast called “Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad” that is awesome to listen to during a session.


I don’t know how people can watch TV while on the trainer at any sort of power output above tempo. I use a Spotify mix or very occasionally i’ll watch a Crit on You Tube and a Spotify mix.

I’ve gone back to the beginning and am listening to them all in order, very educational and entertaining

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big bang theory for low effort stuff - its pretty easy to digest and it doesn’t matter if you lose concentration.

If its a hard workout all I can cope with is loud music with a fast beat, I have a workout playlist with go to songs that get me through hard intervals.

I usually watch premier league games during the weekend workouts. Unfortunately, last week was the last week of SSB1 for me and there was an interlull. So the demand for entertainment on the trainer went up but all the football was boring!


I enjoy the netflix sci-fi such as Lost in Space and Altered Carbon

I usually watch stuff I’ve already seen, preferably comedies. I few years ago I tried setting up my PS4 but I had a really hard time staying on top of my power numbers while concentrating on whatever I was playing. Much more difficult than watching a show/movie, which I thought was interesting.

Those are both good, but only one season of each!