Swapping Rest and Hard weeks

I am in the mid duration general build plan. It appear to be set up with three hard weeks followed by an easy week. I will be traveling for work during the hard week directly before an easy week and will have to work out in the hotels. I was thinking about swapping the easy and hard weeks to have an easier to do bunch of workouts in the hotel. However this would then give me four hard weeks in a row before the next easy one. Does this make sense? Will four hard weeks in a row be a problem?

You have to do what you have to do. Build can be quite demanding, so it’s good to be cautious about a 4/1 work/recovery setup. I think it can and will work for some, but it may be too much for others. No real way to know unless you have done something similar in the past.

An option (if your schedule allows) would be to insert a recovery week and make the remainder of your Build plan a 2/1 setup. This means stretching the Build into a total of 9 weeks, and if you have a targeted event already setup, this idea many not work.

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Thanks, Chad. That a good idea and there is no reason I couldn’t extend by a week.

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If you can manage the extra week, then do what @mcneese.chad said. Note that since you’re coming into the recovery weeks with 2 weeks of work rather than 3, you might not need as extensive a recovery week. Depending on how you feel, you might keep the Tuesday workout of the “hard” week instead of the recovery week’s Tuesday workout.

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i just experimented with the same thing in sustained power build: i extended the 3 weeks to 4 … i just did the next workouts up from what was prescribed the previous week (eg carpathain +2 as opposed to +1 etc) … but then by weekend i dialled it back with hard but not too hard workouts as i realised i was already pushing the system by adding an extra week and was feeling a touch tired.

Rest week started yday - feel OK, a little tired but nothing major.

I guess it is all n=1 but just so you know i tried it and i feel OK so far :slight_smile: