Missed last week of Build - Repeat this week or move on?

Hey team,
Long story short, I’ve completed 12 weeks of base and I’m currently in week 7 of build (last hard week).

I’ve pretty much completed every workout to date.

This week real life got in the way - no chance for me to get on the trainer and I wont have any time available until next week (this is my scheduled rest week and marks the end of the build phase).

I want to complete week 7 but I’m not sure if this is advisable - should I just shunt my training along by 1 week or go straight into the planned rest week before starting my next block?

Any advice much appreciated!!!

I wouldn’t go straight into the rest week. Do that and you’ve effectively had 2 weeks of rest/recovery which will start to lose a fair bit of fitness (caveat would be that if the life stuff which got in the way of training this week has been particularly stressful then you may need an easy week of training?). I would opt for one of the following:

  1. Skip week 7 and go straight into Specialty. Problem with this is if you scheduled Specialty to finish to peak for an A race then you are now out by 1 week so would need to add in an extra recovery week or a longer taper somewhere down the line

  2. Do week 7 next week, go straight into Specialty the week after, but be prepared to start the mid-Specialty recovery week early if you find the fatigue is building up and you’re really struggling with workouts. Seems a fair few people do better with a recovery week every 3 weeks instead of every 4 anyway

  3. Hybrid approach of 1 and 2 where you front load next week and fit in the key 2-3 sessions from week 7 into Mon-Thurs, then have 3 days of easy/recovery before starting Specialty the following week as planned. This is probably what I would do if i could fit it in.

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