Tired after 3 weeks of MV GB

Hello everyone,

This week started my 4th week of General Build MV. It’s a recovery week. Yet to be honest I feel quite tired, especially when I wake up. Yesterday I rode the Pettit workout, It was ok but not as easy as It was 3 weeks ago. I feel I need more time to recover from the 3 previous very tiring weeks, especially the last one.

Can I dump some workouts ? And how many workouts can I miss during this recovery week before starting the next 3 demanding weeks of the end of the general build program ? Should I jump to a General Build LV work out for the next 3 weeks ?



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Yes, you can absolutely modify or skip workouts in recovery week if they don’t feel like recovery. I’m on the same week as you and I just skipped one this morning, heh. I like finding alternate workouts that are shorter and/or lower intensity (e.g. Collins -1 instead of Whorl), but if I’m feeling bone-tired I’ll do the listen-to-your-body thing and just not ride that day.

You could swap to LV, but remember that the point of this week is both to adapt and to shed fatigue, so you might be feeling pretty refreshed by the time the second half rolls around. Build is hard, so if you’re tired by Week 4, it’s working as intended. Play it by ear, see how you feel on Tuesday.


I think that ellotheth has a piont.
Personally, I change my workout and its order, but I listen to my body. If it’s hard, I give it the rest. This is how I increase my efficiency, but it helps me. You don’t have to exhaust yourself.


Thank you very much @ellotheth

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Same here! Last night I was telling my husband that I was so tired, too! He said “could it be the hours and hours on the trainer? Skip a day! ” :joy:. I have two more workouts in week 3 of Sustained Power Build and then recovery week, I have also been so hungry and eating everything that is not nailed down! I sure hope my body is building some mean power!


There was a topic I read a few days ago where many of us were saying that we feel like crap during recovery weeks. It seems it’s not an unusual thing at all.
Just try to get rid of the fatigue by the end of this week by eating and sleeping well, and then see how you feel during the first hard workout.

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If it were me, I’d stick to the plan but skip the 2nd ramp test. Instead, maybe do one of the easier 60 min SST workouts.

Interesting, why ?
I was impatient to have a new Ramp test to see if my FTP had increased in 4 weeks.

Are you getting enough rest/sleep?
FTP Improvement, Sleep Deep Dive, Training Outside & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 207 - YouTube covers a good look at sleep.

Are you also eating the right stuff? I’m the same as @JMT, I’ll end up eating everything in sight if I’m not careful! :man_cook:

I quite often look at my training calendar and think to myself that I can’t be bothered with that workout, but hey, I mentally switch off to it, climb on the bike, get the workout underway and before long I’m feeling better, body is waking up and I’m on top of the workload. So, sometimes, resting too much can have an adverse effect, well, that’s what I have found.

I now try and aim specifically to make sure I’m getting enough protein during working weeks and rest.

Best of luck with your training.


I am emerging from a recovery week following the first round of GPBHV. Last week I held the course at the end of the build and loaded up the TSS. By the time it was done, I felt truly smashed. Tired, definitely! But two days off the bike followed by a few days of Z2 and the recovery has been fine. Sleep is probably the most important element. You just can’t beat a good night’s sleep! (I wish I got more of them)

Do you drink alcohol? If you cut that out you may get an extra bump in recovery. Also, GB is just HARD! But you will be seeing gains for months after you get through both blocks of it. STAY THE COURSE!

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Practically no more alcohol for 3 months.
Quit smoking this summer as well.

To be honest I had one whisky lastFriday night… Perhaps that’s what killed me this weekend.

Thanks mate !

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