Swapping plan schedule

Hi, im on the mid volume plan. doing 1hour workouts tue,wed,thur and 90mins sat & sun. is there an easy way to change the schedule so i do the 90mins tue and thurs and the shorter ones on the weekend?
i guess i could swap them on my schedule but wondered if there was an easier way to bulk change them or can i amend my plan?

Hello @Daninplymouth, yes, you can do this in your calendar if you want to change the entire block (which is my assumption based off your question). While in your calendar, click the text info for your phase (Base1, Base2, etc). This will bring up a dialog which will allow you to rotate as you need too (see the attached image from my calendar where i swapped around the 90m and 60-90m for my Mon and fri rides (by default, they are the other way around when added to the plan).

Please note that you will have to do this for ANY block you want to change separately!

If you are only looking to do an individual week, then you can do that within the calendar itself and omit the above step.

Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question! Good luck!


Spot on thank you that’s exactly want I was looking to do. Didn’t know you could click on the block type to change things around