Shifting training plan days

I can’t seem to find the answer to this specific question. I am on a mid volume plan with workouts T/W/Th, Sa/Su. The heaviest training load is Sat, followed by Sunday. Due to weekend plans and more outside riding, I am getting crunched on my Saturday rides either not enough time, or fatigued as I have to squeeze the ride in later in the day. I think I might be better off if I could shift my entire plan for every week so that my workout days are M,Tu, W - Fr, Sa. I am very structured around the work week so think I can get all of those rides in, and this way the weekend is less critical, and the Saturday ride could easily become a long outdoor ride or be pushed to Sunday without issue. How do I do this? Also any better suggestions for making a change that accounts for weekends becoming more unstructured due to change in season?

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Find and open the lead annotation for your current training phase (Base 2 in my pic)
  3. Drag the workouts between days as desired.
  4. Click Update and it should alter your current training phase to follow.


Excellent, thank you! - It does seem to only update for that block, so I will manually make this change for each block, unless there is a way for this to span the entire plan?

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Correct, one block at a time for an established plan on the calendar.

I don’t know of a way to step back to something like the Plan Builder initial level, to catch them all in one shot.


I tried several times today to kick off a new round of base training (just MV base block - not the whole plan builder season plan) to start tomorrow (a Friday) and with the workout days being Fr-Sat-Sun, Tue-Wed.

No matter what I did, it would always end the training in fhe last whole week, rather than on the Wednesday of the last partial week as I wanted. In other words, it would not stretch out the full six weeks.

I finally gave up and set up the block to start next Monday with the default Tue-Wed-Thu, Sat-Sun schedule, then dragged each workout in the block back three days.

Does anyone know whether this will screw up the adaptive training functionality? I think it’s still one “plan” but wasn’t sure how to confirm other than to try to delete it in one shot then have to repeat the whole one by one drag and drop process.


I do mid volume and I train Mon-Fri. I set up the days when I create a plan with plan builder.

To be specific, I move Tuesday to Monday, Saturday to Tuesday, rest on Wednesday and then the remaining two hard days on Thursday (the harder one) and Friday.

No issues with plan builder and AT.

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OK thanks.

I think you were OK because you kept all five rides in TR’s “weeks,” and my issue is that I’m starting a TR “week” on a Friday, which pushes the two longer rides into the following week. And TR apparently doesn’t like that. When I selected my preferred training days and a Friday start date at plan creation, it dropped a few days somewhere and then squeezed the plan to end in the sixth calendar week rather than putting the last two in the seventh.

My workaround was to create a plan with the default days, then drag each workout individually back to the days I wanted.

Ramp test today (Friday) so I guess I’ll see over the next few days whether it starts adapting future rides without issue.

Would be nice if TR allowed the calendar to be set so any day of the week is the first of a “TR week”

UPDATE: After a post-Ramp Test FTP adjustment it offered and made adaptation changes, without affecting the overall schedule, so I guess the workaround worked.

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I see,

Select the starting day of the week would be a cool additional feature!