SOLVED - Change training plan preferences

Hi, I’m new to trainer road after listening to the podcast for several years. I have set up a training plan today but now it’s in my calendar I’ve realised that my ‘big day’ is usually a Tuesday. I was hoping to account for that as a blanket change for the plan, to switch my Tuesday and Saturday rides. Is there any way to do this without deleting a plan and setting up a new one?

Yeah there is. On your calendar click on the icon on the first day of your plan that has your plan name. That will bring up a box where you can click and drag the sessions around to your preferred days. Just click and drag the sat ride to Tuesdays and visa versa.

If that’s wrong there is a post in the forum here somewhere that shows you how to do it

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Thanks - that is great. That’s what I needed. You don’t have to drag them around, you can just change the duration on each of the days - but really helpful, thanks for the reply.