Change outdoor workouts to indoor workouts

My current training plan is set up for for me to workouts outdoors on Saturdays and indoors Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would like to change Saturdays to indoor workouts. How would I change that in my plan?

For a permanent or one off change. For a one off change on the pc you just open the work out and change it. On the android app (iOS is probably similar) , you open the ride and click on the edit (pencil) button at the bottom left which takes you to the screen to change it.
If you want to do it permanently to all Saturdays you’ll need to reinitiate plan builder. The way I do it on the pc calendar is to add a dummy event. Which assuming its within your current plan period reinitiates PB.

It’s easier. Go to the first week of your (current of future) block. Click on the name of the block and there you can change what days are indoor/outdoor.

*that’s on the Android app but I believe it’s the same for the website.


Yup, these specific instructions cover the basics and while the focus is on “Volume”, the In/Out option is present (among others).


It takes my ancient computer ages to get to start of a block and me ages to find it too its easier for me just to click on the calendar anywhere :joy:

If you head to your Career page on the app or the website, you will see your Training Plan details. I have attached a screenshot below of what this looks like on the website. This will identify your current training block with the start and end date. That should save you from having to scroll through your Calendar to find the start date of your current training block!



This tip is helpful and much appreciated… but as a suggested Feature Request…

  • Can this become a clickable link to “jump” to Calendar page, and then place us right at that actual week where the phase starts?

Having the date listed is nice, but we still have to manually swap to the Calendar page, remember the date and then scroll to it. Not terrible, but a more direct path is always nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ooooh, I like that idea! Great shout.
I will pass this onto the team. Thanks, @mcneese.chad!

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