Change the effort days

How can I change the effort days on my calendar? I have a longer, harder day on Sunday but my run schedule works best to place it on Thursday. I can do it manually but want my entire plan to change.



The last step before reviewing and adding a plan to your calendar is to select training days. This is the easiest way to wholesale change easy, medium, and hard days.

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So basically I have to restart my plan to change it? Thanks!

You could shift the workouts every week manually, or delete the plan and run through Plan Builder again, swapping days at the end.

You can change the days for each block without restarting the entire plan. Just find the start date for each block, click on the name of that block, and you can switch the days. Less tedious than changing each workout, especially if you are talking about a Tri plan where you are juggling long runs versus intense runs, etc.