Suggestions for a proper strength trainding program for cycling

I’m looking for a proper plan to follow for strength training for cycling. I had hoped that TR would have put out a plan by now but it does not seem like it is coming.

Ive considered joining the sufferfest for their workout plan.
I looked at Steve Neal Cycling Gym but it looks like its offline.
the has a strength training plan.
Ive looked at fastcat.

Looking for advice on a plan. Ive got a few books like Maximum Overload for cyclists that I find confusing.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I followed Dylan Johnson’s method. After the end of the season, I took 2 weeks completely off from any exercise. I then made strength training as my priority where I would focus on building muscle. I do high weight, low reps where I go till failure. (I was pretty close to coach chad’s level 2 benchmarks). You should be focusing only on strength training for 2 months before you start structured training. I also trained other muscles such as my shoulders and biceps (yeah I can easily lift my neo now!). Having some better biceps is not going to make you a slower cyclist :wink:

During these 2 months on strength training, I was just doing some unstructured riding mostly on zwift. I used to join random group rides to enjoy zwifting. These 2 months should give you most of the gains, and after that you can begin your base-build-specialty training. When you start doing TR workouts, lifting weights once a week (high reps, very low volume) will keep most of your gains, and this is what I am doing.

I got some weights from amazon, so I now need to focus on high reps (55 reps- maybe high volume? I don’t know) to maintain my backsquat benchmark as I don’t have access to a gym now.

Search your podcast app for the author, Jacques DeVore. If you listen to him talk about it for an hour, you’ll see that it’s a pretty easy program. I also found it super helpful to watch some youtube videos on the program or on the exercises he talks about.

I agree that the book has a lot of chit chat, plus it repetitive but once you understand the gist of the program, you skip the whole beginning of the book.

Hi FatBoySlim,

Sorry I am not familiar with any free structured cycling training programs. I am sure many exist.

Like any training program, it should be specific to your goals.
A good program will address any specific weaknesses and incorperate some training dedicated towards injury prevention.
It should be structured with logical progression, rest/recovery and compliments your on the bike training.
I would recommend a periodised plan, just like TrainerRoad has structured their cycling program.

Typically in the strength world these phases are referred to as GPP (General Physical Preparedness), Hypertrophy, Strength and Power and or Strength Endurance pending which direction you wish to take with your training.

British Cycling has a few generic resources with advice that I believe is quite reasonable for the general public.

I have been looking for a way to give back to TrainerRoad as I am an avid podcast listener but I am fairly time crunched these days with a young family.

I have a bachelors degree in exercise science and practiced as an exercise physiologist focusing on musculo-skeletal injuries and strength training, but I have been out of the game for almost a decade now.

If you have any more specific questions I will try to answer them. Or if there is enough interest I might try do a write up on My opinions on strength training but I’m not a very polished writer and it would be pretty rough.

British Cycling Strength Exercise Recommendations

British Cycling - Winter Strength Training

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Thanks. great idea!

Does not need to be free. I am willing to pay. Easier to pay than have to develop on my own. Ive got some free time as I am in quarantine again!

Sorry ‘free’ probably wasn’t a very good term, avaliable to the public?

Haha, like I said… Not a very good writer and I’m not currently familiar with what offerings are out there as I have been out of the game for a fair while.

I am familiar with the names of programs and certain strength coaches who have been around for a while, but unfamiliar with the content of such programs or the prescriptions from such coaches currently.

I’ve got several books with enough details to make my own plan but it’s a bit of work. So I short listed a bunch of options down to two plans and wrote about them here:

Hope that helps.