Strength Training Plans

Can someone direct me to a good place to create a strength-training plan. Looking online it’s just a minefield of ads and people clearly selling things I don’t need.

I just want a 2-day a week plan. Upper body and Core for the most part.

Basically I’d like TR for strength-training…

I can’t really comment on what programmes or plans are worth using, I use one a physio designed for me a few years back.

But, you’ll find plenty of good advice and suggestions on this thread.

If you want a plan that only requires a couple of dumbbells and can be done at home then check out the book: Maximum Overload for Cyclists. You’ll find it on Amazon or anywhere else.

The Amazon reviews are mixed but mostly because the book is chit chatty. Like most books they convey in 200 pages what could have been 50 pages. Besides that, the routines are solid and most can be done at home. I also think it helps to watch the author on youtube and listen to a few podcasts he’s done. That will really give you the gist of the program so when you read the book it will make sense.

Check out stronglifts, which is inspired by starting strength. It’s what I started with when I started lifting like ten years ago. Its an extremely simple full body routine based around barbell lifts. I would strongly recommend a full body routine to start with, squats and deadlifts are some of the best bang for your buck for strengthening core and posterior chain.

It’s meant as a 3x a week routine, but can easily be adapted to two. Starts off really easy with a simple progression, but gets very hard! Id recommend doing the normal routine until it impacts your cycling, then maintain at 2x a week.

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I did the two day a week version of the 5/3/1 program for several months with great results until the virus closed everything. Focuses on compound lifts like bench press, overhead press, squat, and deadlift. Can’t really isolate upper body and core with this program, but it’ll hit everything you need for the bike without the extra fatigue.

just do some push ups, overhead press, bench press and high pulls and lat pull down if you can.

core: do it every day, for 5 minutes. hollow body, v Ups, russian twists, mountain climbers, iron cross, walking plank, etc. So many options.

Im also on stronglifts, can be done twice per week, and even reduced to 3x5 for the middle aged.

This is a pretty good intro program, which I did this fall. But to do it, you really need access to a gym (or something similar) that has heavy weights:

I’ve used a lot of different plans. Really like the 19 week plan from Scientific Triathlon:

Thank you

looked at that plan after you posted it. Is the plan delivered electronically as PDF, or as a book, or as …?

It is a 29 page PDF with extensive detail for each Day’s workout. It has 2 Squat/Bench days and 1 Overhead Press/Deadlift with auxiliary exercises for the 3 days. It builds over a couple of cycles over the 15 weeks. It is very simple format and easy to follow and execute. I used a Tabata timer as some weeks have 6 sets but only 2 reps, With the timer it keeps you on track and keeps the workouts tight and under 1 hour.

Here’s an example:
From Garage Gym Warrior 2 by Andy Baker at

  • Week One

Volumes and Intensities are starting out very moderate. Use this as an opportunity to build your work capacity and endurance by pushing the rest times to be as minimal as possible. 2-3 minutes is allowed, but if you can shorten rest periods to 60-90 seconds this is permissible provided (1) your form does not degrade (2) you do not have massive losses in bar speed.As the weeks get heavier you can of course extend the rest periods as needed, but better endurance now will lead to shorter rest periods (and workouts) later


Back Squat: 4 x 3 x 75% (4 sets of 3 reps at 75% of previous 1RM)

● Rest 2-3 mins between sets. Keep rest minimal while preserving form and focusing on bar speed

Bench Press: 4 x 3 x 75%

● Rest 2-3 mins between sets. Keep rest minimal while preserving form and focusing on bar speed*

Thanks. I bought the 19-week plan from Scientific Triathlon and similarly its both a 90+ page PDF and also a TrainingPeaks plan. Going to start that after my FasCat off-season resistance training plan finishes.