New to Trainerroad - When/where to add strength training?

Hi all, I recently got into cycling (June '20) and even move recently started a TR Plan in Nov '20. I’m currently doing a high volume plan, just finished the first base phase on Sunday. I’m now entering the deload week moving toward my first build phase.

I had been weightlifting for the past 2 years as my main form of exercise until I found cycling. Continued to lift 2-3x/week when I was just riding with no structure but now since starting a high volume plan I wanted to allow my body to adjust to the high volume before adding in/continuing a lifting program.

Does anyone have any recommendations on adding a strength training program to my structured training and also on what days I should be performing the lifting workouts?



Have you reviewed the long running threads with lots of info?

Here are some search results as well that are worth a read.


Thanks! No I have not. Appreciate it.

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I’m publishing an article on the blog tomorrow that will answer your exact question. I’ll post the link here after it’s out.


I’m looking forward to this. Been wanting to get back to my kettlebells but I don’t have time to do 2-a-days.

Well into my fifties and I finally figured it out with some help from a coach. Big hint - high volume cycling doesn’t need to look like TR HV SSB plan to get results :wink: unless you are in your 20s or 30s and recover like a champ.


The only way i can train legs is by only cycling 2 days a week. The strain of deadlifts and squats is just too much, at least 2 days after for recovery…Are you doing light lifting?

a year ago I couldn’t do body weight squats without 2-4 days of misery…

haha good to hear! I went HV because I had the time and figured what the heck! (being in my twenties with lots of time certainly doesn’t hurt)

I was doing full body + core workouts and honestly skipping legs most days. I also found the squats and deadlifts to be too much. I would usually do body weight + 20-40lbs for things like split squats, goblet squats, rdls nothing major like full BB squats or DL’s.

I think those 2-4 days of misery are unavoidable whenever you are applying progressive loading. If you are not feeling it, probably you are on maintenance. Probably ok, since lifting is not your priority.

Even then I would suggest looking up Dylan Johnson’s YouTube videos on how to get fast in 6 hours a week, or 10 hours a week, or 15 hours a week. Because he is in 20s and on the podium in long distance gravel events. And only doing 2-3 days of intensity. YMMV.

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Oh I’m feeling it, and maintenance ain’t easy my cycling friend. Tomorrow is (barbell) deadlifts and (dual kettlebell) squats and jump squats and … And for cycling there are some threshold intervals on tap. The more you train, the more you can train. And patience, lots and lots of patience.


Here’s the new article about how to add strength training and some tips for concurrent training.


Is it up?

Look one post above yours… :arrow_up:

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Oops… missed it. Thanks!

So on low volume, it’s okay to lift weight on days between workouts? Just ensure you have two recover days a week? That would work for me.

Hi @JesseFortson - just curious, has Coach Chad changed his “make hard days hard” recommendation?

For what its worth, after 30 years of working at a desk without any real strength training had finally caught up with my body. Starting in 2019 I tried and failed to incorporate both cycling and strength workouts into a week. Went back to fundamentals and slowly worked on basic strength movement patterns, without weights initially and then with lighter weights. After a year of patiently working on form, this past summer I dedicated my offseason to doing 2.5 months of strength training along with some easy z2 riding. Then hired a coach and I’ve ended up with this pattern:

  • Monday off
  • Tuesday morning cycling, evening strength
  • Wednesday easy cycling
  • Thursday morning cycling, evening strength
  • Friday off
  • Saturday cycling
  • Sunday cycling

Its 7+ hours/week cycling, and 2+ hours/week strength. I’m usually on the trainer Tue/Thur for just 60-75 very focused minutes and the cycling sessions are kept short to leave something in the tank for the evening strength work (~60 minutes). The Wed/Sat/Sun rides are usually outside (my choice) and weekend rides are longer endurance with some work intervals.

In summary, I’ve independently arrived at Coach Chad’s original advice to make hard days hard. Recovery at my age is an issue, and the pattern above appears to strike the right balance.


I have the same question about keeping your hard days hard and easy days easy. I have been purposely not lifting legs the day before a hard ride, so as to not hurt the quality of the hard ride effort the following day and leave ample recovery time for legs (by keeping hard days hard for legs)

Basic schedule I have been following:
Sunday: AM Hard Ride or Group Ride : PM Core Work
Monday: AM Easy Ride ; PM Strength Training Legs
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: AM Hard Ride ; PM Strength Training Legs
Thursday: AM Easy Ride + Core ; PM Strength Training Upper Body
Friday: AM Hard Ride ; PM Strength Training Legs
Saturday: AM Easy Ride : PM Strength Training Upper Body