Suggested adaptations

I’m 4 weeks into a LV training plan. Currently in my recovery week. Today, after a 45 minute recovery endurance ride yesterday, I had 9 suggested adaptations. The reason I’m creating a thread is because those adaptations where all significant increases, next week increasing a 3.0 ride to 5.3 - but also all 3 of my planned workouts were increased from 45 to 60 or 90 mins. Seems odd for adaptations to change the length of time for a workout, especially to double it in some circumstances.

Is this a normal suggested adaptation? Should I accept and try to make the time? I changed everything to 45 minutes with the plan of a 2-3 hour ride on the weekend to help them manageable. Seeing these suggestions makes me feel like I’m not trying hard enough.

It’s normal for TR to adapt your workouts for the next block about halfway through your rest week, so that part is expected behaviour. The WLs for the upcoming workouts should adapt to align with your current PLs. So that part is also expected behaviour if you have increased your PLs during your current block.

For the length increasing I’m a bit unsure. If you have put in a max workout length when you generated your plan it should not adapt to exceed that. But if you previously have manually changed workouts to a shorter duration TR might adapt them back to standard length when adapting your plan.


45 minutes really is a very short time to ride. If it’s all you have, then good for you for spending that time in the saddle, but if you can get to 60-90, you’ll see a lot of improvement in your cycling fitness.


That may well be it. I think I have reduced the time since starting the plan, but I changed each of the blocks for the whole plan - so I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try and do some of the longer rides

I’ve recently changed my working hours. It used to be easier to manage 3 x 60 minute workouts but then harder to add to it, even on the weekend. Since changing hours I can squeeze in 3 x 45 and then I have a full day available - so plan on 2-3 hours most weeks with an 8 hour ride once a month.

Maybe I’ll accept the adaptations and see if I can manage one of the 60 mins and reduce them as I need to?

If you know you changed the duration for your blocks and your plan is showing a different duration than what you chose, I’d reach out to support. Support is currently working on my plan. It went way askew after I made a duration change. They have been very responsive.


Good to know. I initially declined the adaptations, so will see what happens after next session and maybe get in touch with them.

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Great info above. I’m 99% sure you don’t need to contact support, at least at this point.

I know the LV plan says “45 - 60” mins in the scheduling window, when you go to set up your plan initially, but that just isn’t true. The LV plans are 3 / wk; 60, 60, 90 mins. It does say this in the sample calendar, on the first screen, but it is easy to miss.

[Some in your recovery weeks can be 45 mins, but some during your taper can be 30 mins so, again; not rly true.]

So you’ve manually adjusted each WO to 45 mins, and yes, AT will constantly adjust to 60, 60, and 90, each wk.

As Pbase said, if you can slip in that extra 15, to make it 60, 60, 60, or 60, 60, 90, it will make a massive difference! :slight_smile:

If not, don’t feel bad; you’re doing what you can. I’d say then just accept all the adaptations, and then each day, choose an alternative for that WO that is 45 mins, but has as close a match as possible to total TSS, and PL.

[Imp. side note: It will take you a long time to learn what WO types you are good at, and what you suck at, in each category. Not all “Threshold WOs PL level 5.5” are actually equal. Two WOs can be Thresh, 5.5, same TSS, but one can be an easy ride for you, and the other can be a brick wall. Just takes time to learn, and choose better alts. :slight_smile: ]


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That’s for this. Good info and great comments about the WOs. Will have to give some things a try to see what fits.

I should be able to try to push at least one of the WOs to 60 mins - but wonder if it’s better try to aim for 2x45+90 with my Friday ride on top. With the Friday rides it looks like a non-recovery week would be around 350-500TSS, depending how long my Friday ride is.